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    Re: Adria - Inventory Management System

    Very nice work!

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    Re: Adria - Inventory Management System

    Now I have some serious problems about adria.
    Please see step by step and see included picture.

    Also I uploaded Log File.

    What steps will reproduce the problem? 1.When I Push F8 while locate mouse cursor over item's stat box 2.The item's recoding failed.(sort as Class: n/a and there is no item's stat, picture, name or any other word. just display such as metadata - not for trade in yellow color.) 3.To avoid this problem, I always have to locate item's stat box to record above item's shape block on inventory/stash/inside cube. But there are another problem that there are so many item(Grief, Doom, Heart of the oak, Pride, Tomb Reaver etc) that cannot be locate stat box above item's shape block. If I locate item to record bottom side, The stat box cannot be rise so mouse cursor is located above stat box. Then Problem happens. (Therefore I have to type all of item's stats myself -_-;; and sometimes adria's small windows in diablo ii not respone. to solve this i have to alt+tap then click repair buttone. What is the expected output? What do you see instead? stated above. What version of the product are you using? On what operating system? lastes version(5.0.0 beta) SuiteProEval.ActiveX.v13.0.0.exe - Codejock Xtreme Suite Professional Edition - Trial windows 7 ultimate x64 sp1 diablo 2 1.13d Please provide any additional information below. hmm, I also tried older versions. But not helps... older versions is freezes too many. When I see Adria's newer version? bugs.jpg
    also tried compability mode, run as admin. not helps... and Adria not working with other diablo 2 font (-direct -txt). also not working with sven's wrapper glide (windows mode and Full mode) of course, i am not resize diablo 2.

    Also founded another bug.

    go to toolbar customize -> go to keyboard tab -> select category to application -> tab Repair Engine and then assign new hotkey. But!! When I restart Adria, there are not hotkey(s) that I saved last time.

    Is there any function such as save button.

    and, How do I change Accounts's order up/down ?
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    Re: Adria - Inventory Management System

    Excellent guy!! The given inventory management software is indeed good but few GUIs are little confused. Anyway would you like to try one more named Orderhive - a cloud based inventory management software. I have just tried it and really good ti use. If you want try, you can sign up for FREE 30 Days Subscription.

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