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    Stay A While & Listen: The Sounds of Sanctuary (PLUS: Two new fully rendered NPCs**?)

    After all my endeavors researching and rediscovering the music of the of the world of Diablo, I've decided that I'd share with everybody what I know, and what could be considered up and coming as far as music for DIII is concerned. I've also included a little bit at the end about some surprises I've found along the way. This thread is less of a discussion and more of a resource for people to listen to the music of Diablo, post links, read about it, and discover for themselves. If you'd like to read the discussions that I've had previously they can be found here, along with the link to a reply I received from Russell Brower, the composer of the music for Diablo III:

    Diablo 3, how does it fit?
    Diablo III's Composer Speaks

    - The Music of Diablo, Diablo II, & Diablo II: Lord of Destruction -

    Okay, so first you probably are going to want to listen to all of this. Fortunately, there's nothing stopping you. All of this music is available to stream free from Blizzard. Sound Player

    If you want to download these tracks, some of them are available from iTunes, but for any of the Lord of Destruction tracks, extras, outtakes, and bonus tracks you will have to look elsewhere (or just stream them from the above link).

    Blizzard Entertainment iTunes Store

    For anybody who is into composition or the music of Diablo or sountracks in general and wants an inside look at the process, I'm letting you in on my biggest secret. Although you can no longer download any of the files, had a feature back in '00-'02 where all of the music was slowly released free to the public. Along with this release, Matt Uelman, the composer, explained the process and ideas behind each and every track recorded from DII and DII:LoD! It's really, really, cool. This area of the site isn't linked to any longer from within, so you have to either follow an outside link, or bookmark it. Some of the artwork and pictures of Matt have been deleted, but the text is still there! Hopefully you will enjoy this - I found it extremely enlightening.

    - "You ain't heard nothin' yet!" ~ The Music of Diablo III -

    After hours of researching, poking about, staying a while, and listening, I've collected several links to all of the music that I'm aware of that can be sourced online. Several of these links refer to the official website, as sound samples are featured on different pages. My conclusions, in regards to my complaints if you read them, is that I was very wrong. Russell is right on track, and man, I'm so excited about this. Here they are.

    Excerpt of the Diablo III Overture* (World Map)
    Ambient Track (World Index)
    New Tristram
    Tristram Cathedral
    Nature Track (Character Classes)
    Ambient Hum (Home)

    NOTE: These are not MP3s, but pages that stream music via Flash, for all of those hoping for a download, sorry

    If you really are a dork, you will go listen to the Cinematic Teaser to hear the whole overture, and the Wizard Trailer to hear variations and more music from the Tristam Cathedral, and then scour YouTube for all of the gameplay videos to hear even more unreleased music that isn't available elsewhere.

    Diablo III Cinematic Teaser
    Wizard Trailer
    Gameplay Video Part 1 [HD]
    Gameplay Video Part 2 [HD]

    The only commentary that I'm aware of regarding the music of DIII is the response I've received from Russell Brower. In conclusion, this game is going to sound awesome, not just epic, and from what I can tell, follows closely in line with the unique sound of Diablo, DII, & DIIX. It does not ignore the work of Matt Uelman, but in fact grows it, and makes his ideas really shine.

    *The version sampled on the website here has been mastered differently the the version that is available on iTunes. These differences are hard to pinpoint, but it sounds like this was done later, and is much better in my opinion.

    **BONUS: Two new fully rendered NPCs.

    For anyone who hasn't noticed, the Caldeum page now features two fully rendered NPCs showcasing the awesome aesthetic design inspired by this new environment.

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    Re: Stay A While & Listen: The Sounds of Sanctuary (PLUS: Two new fully rendered NPCs

    Wow, great work! You must have put a lot of time into this. It may be hard to find more to add to this thread :P

    From what we've heard of D3's music so far, I'm psyched for it.

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    Re: Stay A While & Listen: The Sounds of Sanctuary (PLUS: Two new fully rendered NPCs

    The two guys in Caldeum have been there for a while.

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    Re: Stay A While & Listen: The Sounds of Sanctuary (PLUS: Two new fully rendered NPCs

    Okay. Here's for all of the other people who enjoy this music as much as I do. MP3s. Merry Christmas. And I found files that were hosted but no longer featured.

    Caldeum New.mp3
    Cathedral v1.mp3
    Cathedral v2.mp3
    Tristram v1.mp3
    Tristram v2.mp3
    World of Sanctuary.mp3


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    Re: Stay A While & Listen: The Sounds of Sanctuary (PLUS: Two new fully rendered NPCs

    Thanks for all the info and contributions, Flamango. Normally I don't notice game music, but what I've heard so far from D3's soundtrack has really caught my attention.

    I especially like the New Tristram track. The ambient noises that mimic the ravens and the crackling of energy/lightning sound really amazing.


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