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    Patriarch Uggh, Frenzy barbarian

    I haven't made a lot of barbs in my playing career because I always considered them too straight forward: buff up and let the click fest begin. No variations in skills needed, just whack stuff with big weapons.

    But on the other hand, I always wanted to make a sword frenzy barbarian with two very specific swords: Crainte Vomir and Vile Husk. When I look at the mods this pair offers it's a very nice bag of tricks: huge IAS in a very fast weapon, faster run/walk, damage reduction, slows target by whooping 35%, chance to cast amplify damage and huge skill ED against undead on the Vile Husk. On paper it looks great, the only thing that could be a problem is mediocre on-weapon ED on both weapons that simply doesn't compare to Oath/Death combo. I thought that the other tasty mods, and some tweaking on other equipment could balance things out. Was I right? Not sure yet, but I liked playing this barb very much, that's certain

    So, let me introduce you to Patriarch Uggh:

    Stats and skills[LCS]:

    Name:       Uggh
    Level:      84
    Strength:   281/300
    Dexterity:  65/100
    Vitality:   159/159
    Energy:     10/10
    HP:         817/817
    Mana:       93/133
    Stamina:    309/334
    Defense:    16/1000
    AR:         310/310
    Resits with Fade active:
    Fire:       75
    Cold:       67
    Lightning:  75
    Poison:     75
    FR/W:       50
    FHR:        50
    IAS:        135
    Double Swing: 1/2
    Frenzy: 20/21
    Berserk: 1/2
    Sword Mastery : 20/21
    Iron Skin : 1/2
    Increased Speed : 1/2
    Natural Resistance : 5/6
    Howl : 1/3
    Taunt : 18/20
    Shout : 1/3
    Battle Orders : 20/22
    Battle Command : 1/3
    Helm: Guilly
    Wep1: Crainte Vomir legend sword (Amn)
    Wep2: The Vile Husk balrog blade (Amn)
    Body: Treachery Dusk Shroud
    Amy: Highlord's
    Gloves: Laying of Hands
    Belt: String of Ears (15% DR)
    Boots: Gore Riders
    Ring1: rare ring with 4% mana leech, 113 AR and 28 LR
    Ring2: ravenfrost 20/199
    Switch: two echoing throw spears and Demon Limb in stash
    Charms: sharps of dexterity, fines of strength together with my 1.07 trophy charm: Sounding of Maiming (20 max damage)

    Azrael; Might Merc
    Weapon: eth 1.07 Cryptic Axe Obedience (sick damage on this one)
    Armor: Dureil's
    Head: Vamp Gaze

    Azrael did all right

    So what was it like playing him:
    Normal was easy, a bit slow until I could equip double Bloodletter swords that carried my until the Crainte and Husk became available. Later on I used those swords which got upgraded to elite versions at level 60.
    Nightmare was really a breeze, but I had many deaths due to FE monsters corpse explosion which would simply wipe my whole life bulb. Other then that no real problems in Nightmare.

    Hell is where things started to get interesting, and it didn't happen until Act2. Lots of unleachables means lots of NDE's and some deaths. This barb is a leech beast, he has no other "defense" strategy except to hit them hard and leech. Well, he has one. Taunt. And Act2 was the place I learned to use it. I changed my play style a lot. Now I had to retreat, Taunt, wait, kill. No more just kill. It added some thinking to the process, but not much. And it slowed me down a lot. Plus, often my Fade faded away when tiptoeing around monsters simply because I wasn't getting hit often. No Fade means lots of problems for Uggh. So yeah, unleachables are the bane of this character.

    Later on I added a point in Howl, as I got swarmed frequently in Act3. Lowish life, lots of flayers and interuptable attack equals some embarrassing deaths to "knife bigger then body" flayers. One point in Howl sorted things out. And watching slowed monsters trying to run away while I hack them with a sword in the back is sweet, sweet vengeance

    Boss fights were easy, Uggh packs 50% CB at 5 fpa, and Azrael 40%, so bosses were not a problem.

    Mana burners in Act5 were very annoying. Especially if some PI boss spawns with mana burn, then I have to resort to mana pot chucking and using slower Berserk attack. An "interesting" thing happened in Throne of Destruction. The spawn was horrible: souls, vipers and OK's. At one moment my merc died to IM, I was Amped and thought it was safe to frenzy the nearest Doom Knight. In the last moment I noticed the IM red whirls around the Amp cloud. Two curses active(not the best picture), that can't be. It was some sort of bug I guess, because Mallah cleansed me of IM, but Amp animation was still there after talking to her.

    Baal dropped all yellow, nothing worth mentioning. Other drops weren't really exciting either, including forges.

    The future of this character consists of some MP games and probably retirement when I get bored with him.

    Thanks for reading this, sorry for the lack of pictures

    Last edited by Antonio; 08-04-2009 at 21:54. Reason: typos, legend sword, not champion hax :)

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    Re: Patriarch Uggh, Frenzy barbarian

    Let me be first, who can congratulate You

    Very nice work and even nicer weapon choices, if i ever try to rebuild my frenzy barb, i want to try it this or similiar way...

    Thanks for such inspiration

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    IncGamers Member The Lord of Darkness's Avatar
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    Re: Patriarch Uggh, Frenzy barbarian

    Congrats on the Pat, good to see someone get past IM and PI, that is what usually keeps me from taking a Barb far.

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    IncGamers Member Juicy Cheese's Avatar
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    Re: Patriarch Uggh, Frenzy barbarian

    Impressive Pat Antonio, love the unique weapon choice, I've always looked at Cranite Vomir with interest, great idea to use it with The Vile Husk.

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    IncGamers Member whommy's Avatar
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    Re: Patriarch Uggh, Frenzy barbarian

    Congrats on the Pat. Frenzy is one of my favorite skills, and the weapon choices add major style points.

    If you've got such trouble with leeching, why not swap out the LoH for Dracul's grasp? The IAS from the gloves is useless (as far as I can tell) with your current gear. I know with my previous frenzy barbs, and any other melee build, life tap makes Hell a walk in the park. You still gotta watch out for IM though.

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    IncGamers Member Antonio's Avatar
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    Re: Patriarch Uggh, Frenzy barbarian

    Thanks for the replies!

    As for the gloves, I didn't want LifeTap to override the Amp that triggered sporadically, but that I very much enjoyed. And the huge ED on LoH's was one thing I couldn't bypass...

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    Re: Patriarch Uggh, Frenzy barbarian

    Very stylish weapon combo, Antonio

    Congrats on a very cool looking Pat!

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    Re: Patriarch Uggh, Frenzy barbarian

    Congrats! And I'll echo the kudos for the oddball weapon choice! Cool stuff.

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    Re: Patriarch Uggh, Frenzy barbarian

    Masterfully done hero! Nice amount of total strength, plus Crainte Vomir has always been a pretty wicked stylin' sword.

    No SS or readout of the 1.07 "Obedience"? You can't tease us with reports of "sick damage" and then not elaborate in some way.

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    Re: Patriarch Uggh, Frenzy barbarian

    Congratulations on completing this one! Mind tossing me/us a readout or two for those swords? Curious what they look like when upgraded. .

    Nice name by the way.


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