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    Re: How to make Energy Shield work for you

    Quote Originally Posted by skyjuice View Post
    Sounds like the partial ES mode. I assume you have a similar build? Any comments on this mode of ES with ~500 mana? I would rather sink Spts in some cold armor instead if the low mana doesn't justify the amount of skills allocated for tk.
    I tried something similar a long time ago but it didn't go too well, since I didn't have very good gear.

    Basically with warmth maxed, you'll have a massive amount of mana regen, that should hopefully keep up with a mid to high lvl on ES.

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    Re: How to make Energy Shield work for you

    Stickied for a bit and will add it to the library.

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    Re: How to make Energy Shield work for you

    Amazing guide! Really, many thanks!

    If you want, if you ever come to Lisbon you just have won a free lunch! :P (or when I visit London again)

    I'm trying to decide from a max damage fireballer or a max damage ranged enchantress and if I decide to go for the second then I'll have to decide if I want to max light mastery, add some light damage charms and use ES or go to the FO way.

    This guide really helped easily and quickly understand how ES works.

    I just have two questions.
    1- The TK skill level only counts when casting ES or does it count always? (after casting when we switch back if the TH level drops so does the damage to mana ratio)
    2- When casting ES and since TK is a synergy it only counts the "real" Skill points right? (I remember reading somewhere that synergy bonus doesn't count with +SkillPs but I'm not sure)

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    Re: How to make Energy Shield work for you

    TK counts at all times. But the part that counts is ONLY the actual skillpoints you've spent into TK. No amount of +skills or +telekinesis from items will affect how your TK helps ES - ONLY actual skillpoints.

    This behaviour is true with every "true" synergy (fire/cold/lite mastery are sometimes considered synergies too, but these actually do get benefits from +skills, so it isn't entirely accurate to consider them as a synergy at all).

    Example: adding a +3 Firebolt staff won't ever increase your Fireball damage.

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    Re: How to make Energy Shield work for you


    I've decided to try an ES Enchantress As soon as I decide the exact build I'll be killing stuff with a Golben Orb in my head.

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    Re: How to make Energy Shield work for you

    I have been building a Frozen Orb/Energy Shield Sorc--I started off laboriously attached to the guide that appears on another thread here until level 50 and then basically was on my own. I am now in Act V of Nightmare at Level 64 and things are getting difficult. My mana tends to run out quickly now, whereas up until this act, I could basically blast my way through anything on Frozen Orb and whatever little damage I took, was absorbed by Energy Shield and deflected to my mana. I took a quick run through one of the side-portals in the Arreat Summit (I think it was Abbadon) and got completely hammered because the harpies all had cold immune and ate what was left of my mana--because I couldn't freeze everything, my merc had a terrible time of it and died three or four times before I got out of there completely. Here is my full build, equipment and stats---if anyone could give me advice on how to proceed, what equipment to look for, etc., I would be grateful. Thanks!


    Character Stats:
    Level: 64
    Strength 55(78) Frozen Orb Damage: 267-282
    Vitality 37 Stamina: 193 Life: 259
    Dexterity 33(45) Attack Rating: 183 Defense: 598 (2093—with defensive aura from Merc)
    Energy 280(296 Mana: 728

    Fire Resistance: 84
    Cold Resistance: 54
    Lightning Resistance: 70
    Poison Resistance: 75

    Skill Levels:
    Fire Skills:
    Warmth: 3
    Inferno: 3
    Meteor: 3

    Lightning Skills:
    Charged Bolt: 3
    Static Field: 6
    Telekinesis: 3
    Lightning: 3
    Chain Lightning: 3
    Teleport: 5
    Energy Shield: 21

    Cold Skills:
    Ice Bolt: 3
    Frozen Armor: 3
    Frost Nova: 3
    Ice Blast: 3
    Glacial Spike: 3
    Blizzard: 3
    Frozen Orb: 20
    Cold Mastery: 20

    Ghoul Whorl Clasped Orb:
    One hand Damage: 5 to 12
    Durability: 40 of 40
    +16 to Energy
    +6 to Life
    Cold resist +20%
    +1 to Sorceress Skill Levels
    +2 to Teleport
    +2 to Meteor
    +1 to Energy Shield
    7% Damage Goes to Mana
    Level 1 Teleport (33/33 charges)

    Ancients’ Pledge Kite Shield:
    Defense: 24
    Chance to Block: 28%
    Durability: 30 of 30
    +50 Enhanced defense
    Fire Resist +48%
    Lightning Resist +48%
    Cold Resist +43%
    Poison Resist +48%
    10% Damage taken goes to Mana

    Nokazan Relic Amulet:
    Fire Resist 50%
    +10% to Maximum Fire Resist
    Adds 3-6 Fire Damage
    +3 to Light Radius
    20% faster Hit Recovery

    Faithful Mage Plate of Equilibrium
    Defense: 435
    Durability: 60 of 60
    17% Faster Hit recovery
    +192 to defense (Based on Character Level)

    Armageddon Horn Circlet:
    Defense: 28
    Durability: 35 of 35
    +9 to Life
    +4 to Minimum damage
    All resistances +16
    +1 to Sorceress Skill Levels
    Level 1 Twister (22/22 chrages)

    Corpse Grasp Chain Gloves
    Defense: 13
    Durability: 16 of 16
    +38% Enhanced Defense
    Posion resist +18%
    67% Extra Gold from Monsters
    14% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
    12% Chance to cast level 4 Charged Bolt when Struck

    Bladebuckle Plated Belt:
    Defense: 53
    Durability: 24 of 24
    +5 to strength
    +10 to dexterity
    +93% enhanced defense
    +30 Defense
    Damage Reduced by 3
    Attacker Takes Damage of 8
    30% Faster Hit Recovery

    Havoc Nails Chain Boots
    Defense: 12
    Durability: 16 of 16
    +2 to dexterity
    +25% Enhanced Defense
    Lightning Resist +8%
    Poison Resist +26%
    20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
    10% Faster Hit Recovery

    Fortuitous Ring of Chance:
    19% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

    Doom Grip Ring:
    +2 to Life
    +13 Mana
    Lightning resist +12%
    Cold Resist +15%
    +5 to Light Radius
    Half Freeze Duration
    5% Bonus to Attack Rating

    1. +19 to Life, +16 to Maximum Stamina
    2. + 13 to Maximum Stamina
    3. 10% Extra Gold from Monsters
    4. +3 to Strength, Fire Resist 10%
    5. +5 to Defense, +4 to Strength
    6. + 5 to Strength
    7. Adds 2-3 Fire Damage, Lightning Resist +26%
    8. Poison Resist +7%
    9. +12 to Life, +2 to Mana
    10. + 1 to Strength, Poison Resist +7%
    11. +17 Defense, +5 to Strength
    12. +14 to Life, +30 to Mana

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    Re: How to make Energy Shield work for you

    OK, maybe I reacted a little too quickly. I think my trouble was really just because those damn harpie like creatures in the pit-run of Abbadon were cold immune. I just finished the Frozen River quest and had no problem with it---but since I am here . . . what is the best option when I am not FOing people right and left? Meteor is not that strong at that level nor is Chain Lightning?

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    Re: How to make Energy Shield work for you

    @gabrielop: looks like you need a bit more focus for your build. You've got skill points scattered all around, too many points in cold mastery, and no decent backup for cold immunes. Not to mention, FO is not very powerful once you hit later acts in hell.

    I'd suggest trying a Nova/FO build- max Nova, LM, FO, Telekinesis, 10ish in CM, rest in ES. With good +skills and lightning skillers in your inventory, you'll have a decent ES. Full Tals wouldn't be a bad gear choice for this build, so it can be done relatively cheaply.

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    Re: How to make Energy Shield work for you

    I agree with what scottee said about having things scattered around too much. Even the best backup attacks with good gear are going to need a minimum of 15 points (you really want more though) - and you don't have those points, nor do you have the "best" backup attacks.

    I'd definitely recommend a rebuild. However... if you want to try to salvage what you have, and seeing you're only level64, that does leave some time to make this viable (read: not great, but viable)...

    My advice for the moment in fighting cold immunes is to use Static Field first to remove 66% of the monster's life (in NM - it's only 50% in Hell), then try to position the monster between you and the merc - at that point you spam telekinesis (pinning the monster against your merc) while the merc gets the kill.

    Otherwise, it's not great, but you may consider returning to Act2 Normal, purchasing a "gray" 2-socket staff with +3 Firewall from Drognan, and making a 'Leaf' runeword. +6 Firewall isn't quite enough to be "reliable", but eventually you can kill things with it.

    And working with what you already have, Lightning will be better than Chain Lightning... not that you've got enough points for either to really be worth a damn.

    Going forward, with the points you have available in the future, I'd recommend you put a point into Fire Mastery and dump everything else into Firewall. It's not the best skill to aim, but the damage is very good for a small number of skillpoints. Basically, Firewall and Frozen Orb are the two best skills for spending only ~20-30 skillpoints in - almost all of the others will need at least a maxed mastery and ~40+ skillpoints into that tree to be strong enough to kill in Hell. Considering what you've already scattered around, I can't see much else that will work, to be honest (err... unless you just teleport past all cold immunes in the future and only use Static+merc to kill the ones you need to - not a bad idea, actually).

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    Re: How to make Energy Shield work for you

    Thanks guys. I only set up the build the way I did, because that was the way the guide set the build up (the next skill to pump up to 20 was telekenesis for its effect on ES). When I ran through the Frozen River--any one who got close to me died pretty quickly and my mana was fine. I think the only reason I had a hard time in that one pit run was because I was surrounded by champion and regular harpies that were all cold immune. I really only put points in FO, ES, and CM--most of the rest of my points came from added bonuses to sorc skills. Admittedly, I think the build is meant more for magic find than anything else, so that at higher levels you can easily get into some decent drop areas with little difficulty. For instance, I just ran Pindle for the first time in Nightmare and I obliterated the whole field in about five seconds. I know, by the time I get to Hell, I am going to need a lot more damage power, but it seems like the only thing I have to worry about are cold immunes.


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