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    Build: The Order of Purifying Flame

    The Order of Purifying Flame
    A PVM Enchantress with Energy Shield, Passion, Phoenix and Infinity.

    The Sisters of Purifying flame spend their time in meditation and comtemplation. In order to keep their bodies strong they practice the art of summoning holy fire, and hone their skills in combat. Few of the sisters leave their mountain fortress, but some do chose to explore the world and redeem the souls of the corrupted.

    Enchantress Fire Melee Sorc
    This build revolves around Enchant, and Energy Shield. A Passion Phase Blade gives a decent close combat attack, and Demon Chu Ko Nu gives an explosive ranged attack.

    This build came about from trying to find a use for an enchantress sorc other just buffing other players! I also wanted to give energy shield a proper test, as you have to have faith and not spend a point on Vitality to make it work – and it does! You wont be invulnerable, but you can run around in Hell on 1 life (from poison damage and open wounds) which is a bit unnerving at first. Fortunately the Redemption aura from the Phoenix shield fills up the red bulb pretty quickly.
    This build is great fun to play, and very different from the cookie cutters. It does require some exotic equipment, but Diablo 2 is now pretty venerable and I think people have time to try some new things.

    Pre Buffing

    Because both Enchant and Energy Ehield can be cast before combat, and are not needed during combat we can Pre Buff the character.
    Pre buffing has many upsides and a downsides.
    The down side is you have to spend 30 seconds swapping equipment before you play n slay. A bit tedious.
    The upside is you can buff yourself and your friends with enchant – they will love the attack rating and damage bonus! When your are buffed you can change all your +skills equipment for Damage or MF equipment. You aren’t going to cast anything except Teleport and Static Field once you are buffed.
    You should aim for as much fire skills as you can get, it all helps, and a lv 40 or as close as Energy Shield (giving 95% damage absorption). I did this by making a Memmory (Lum + Io + Sol + Eth) staff, from a 4 soc staff I found with +2 Energy Shield on, giving a wopping +8 Energy shield. There are +3 ES staffs out there too! So load up your Chest with +skills items, cast Enchant on your merc, yourself and your friends, cast Frozen Armour if you have it, then cast your energy shield. Swap back your equipment and your off.

    SirPoopsAllot recomends purchasing a 2-socket +3 Enchant staff from Drognan in Normal difficulty (it takes 5-30 minutes shopping) and make a 'Leaf' runeword (Tir+Ral) in it for +6 Enchant. It's cheap and (relatively) easy to find, and will take up less of your stash space than an orb/shield. And unless you have a really good orb, the staff will provide more +skills than the orb/shield too. Sadly, you can't shop the +ES staff to make 'Memory' in. You can repeatedly visit Drognan by leaving town and returning to his shop, try and join a game where his shop is next to the town gate.

    For the Uber Enchant Setup use Echutas Temper with +10-20% Fire Skills Damage, or rare wand with +2 Skills +3Enchant +3Fire Mastery (they do exist!). Ormus Robes with +3 Enchant and 10-15% Fire Skills Damage will also boost your damage.


    Str 156
    Dex 141
    Vit Base
    Mana Rest

    The Strength is enough to use the Pheonix Shield, and the Dex is enough to use an Upped Demon Chu Ko Nu or a Phase Blade (136).

    You can see my character screens here and final stats including (10/12) Annihiulus and (20/16) Hell Fire Torch:

    Zeal / Pheonix LCS

    Demon Chu Ko Nu LCS

    Warmth 20
    Fire Mastery 14+
    Enchant 20
    Enchant Prereq 2
    Energy Shield 20
    ES Prereq 3
    Telekenisis 20
    Frozen Armour 1
    Static Field 1
    Teleport 1

    skill points 102
    at lvl 90

    Static Field and Frozen Armour are both one point wonders!
    Remaining points go into Fire Mastery
    Warmth Synergizes with Enchant giving 9% damage per level that applies to everyone, and gives mana regeneration to your Energy Shield, so it seems more valuable than Fire Mastery.

    My Fire Skills tree with Pre-Buff equipment

    For instance at lv 39 enchant and warmth:

    2539 – 2982 fire damage
    362% Attack Rating Bonus

    This what all your friends and your merc get
    For yourself you multiply that damage by your Fire Mastery too – can be 10k+ damage per blow.

    Energy Shield:

    Here is my step by step guide to ES, it has a list of equipment for Full Energy Shield builds at the end:
    How to Make Energy Shield Work for you
    You can read more in depth details here:

    The thing to note is you don’t need Resists or Physical Damage Reduction , but Damage Reduced by X and Magic Reduced by X instead.

    You can socket Helms, Armour or Shields with SOL runes for Damaged reduced by 7, or MAL runes for Magic Damage Reduced by 7.

    If you want to be less defensive Sorc max Fire Mastery instead of Telekenisis. At least 15 levels of TK is needed to be effective.

    Explosive Ranged Weapon
    The Demon Machine Chu Ko Nu gives us an awesome ranged weapon for 3 reasons.
    1. It fires explosive bolts – this combines with our Enchant fire damage to give an area effect blast. Watch them burn!
    2. It has a piercing mod, combined with a Razortail belt, you can reach 100% piercing – piercing explosive bolts woo hoo!
    3. it has a great base speed of -60, giving a 12 Frame Per Attack base speed. With 10% IAS you max out at 11 FPA. Not quite like an Amazon but as good as a Sorc can get. Aim your shots, rather than firing wildly.

    Note Physical damage is really not so important to us, but it can be Upped without problem. The 141 Dex requirement is too bothersome since you need 136 dex to use a Phase Blade anyway.

    If you cant find one of these a Ku Ko Ku Shaku will do its just not as fast (although can achieve higher speeds with buckets of IAS), or maybe a Brand Rune Crossbow (Jah + Lo + Mal + Gul) which also has explosive bolts and CtC Bonespear too!

    Mana Burners

    Keep an eye out for Mana Burning monsters - like the Stranglers in the Chaos Sanctuary that fire the red homing mana drain blobs. Be sure to blow them away with the Demon Machine, there attack travels fairly slowly so try to teleport to a new position before they can hit you and start firing again, teleport aim fire - teleport aim fire - rinse and repeat. Don't try to Melee them you will get in big trouble.

    The only problem you have is even with your mercs Conviction aura, fire immunes are still a pain so:

    Passion / Pheonix Melee on Switch:

    This combo is for dealing with those Fire Immunes. A Passion Phase Blade gives us a great attack speed, and Pheonix has the -28% to Fire resist (and if possible some fire facets too socketed into your gear) as a bonus you get a physical damage boost and the Redemption aura – our cleansing fire no less! Redemption turns corpses into life and mana - invaluable for keeping you going, and clears the bodies from the floor so no more respawning! Those dirty Necromancers can't use them for their vile magics either!

    Static Field helps weaken those Fire Immunes.

    Note that you need to reach Level 4 Zeal, you get +1 from Passion, +1 from an Annihulus if you have one, and will need another +2 to All Skills/ Paladin Skills to get 5 Attacks per Zeal.

    Zeal Breakpoints for a Phase Blade -30 WSM
    11/8 30 IAS
    9/8 54 IAS
    10/7 65 IAS


    As with any pure elemental Sorceress having a merc with Infinity is critical, The infinity will break the Fire Immunity, but you still need the Pheonix shield for its -28% to Fire Resistance
    I find a rockstopper makes a good helm with a TAL rune in it to give around +30 all resists this maxes out your mercs resists, which leaves armour open for either damage resitance , AC , or magic find depending on your mission. I used an Upped BER’ed Shaftstop to keep him alive.
    I went for a Defiance aura, to boost AC but Frozen Aura might also be a good choice.


    Common Equiptment:
    2 SOJs – the 50% to mana is invaluable for your ES, +2 Skills
    Torch: +3 Skills
    Anni: +1 Skills
    Amulet: +2 Sorc Skills Amu : Tals, Maras, or Crafted / Rare.

    Buffing Equiptment:

    Head: +2 Circlet / Shako
    Body: +2skills Armour or +3 Enchant Ormus Robes (thanks SirPoopsAllot for pointing this out!)
    Weapons: Occulus / Spirit Monarch +5 or Leaf Staff +6 Enchant
    Weapon Switch: Memmory Staff +8 ES
    Hands: Magefirst +1 Fire skill
    Belt: Arachnids Mesh +1

    Fire skills +20
    ES + 20

    If you don’t have a perfect set of equipment like this (I didn’t) you can make up with +Skills Grand Skill Charms – I had 2 Fire and 1 Lightning.

    Serpents (mana) Charms will also boost your Energy Shield so keep an eye out for those.

    Combat Equiptment
    Head: Guilaumes Face, or Andariels Visage.
    Amulet: Highlords Wrath
    Body: Gladiators Bane –for its Damage Reduced by X, and Magic Damage Reduced by X
    Weapons: Passion PB / Pheonix Monarch
    Weapon Switch: Demon Machine
    Hands: Frost Burns for 40% Mana Bonus
    Belt: Razortail for Pierce bonus
    Boots: Gore Riders

    Because we are using zeal with a fast attack rate we can take advantage of Crushing Blow from Guilaumes and Gore Riders, useful for bosses but not essential.

    Alternative Equipment

    Once you are feeling confident you can swap out the Guillaumes face and Gore Riders equipment for MFing equipment like Shako and War Travellers.
    The Pierce Bonus from Razor Tail is also optional you can make do with the innate Pierce of 66% on the Demon Machine and use another belt like Gold Wrap for MFing. You can also try Akraines Valour and String of Ears an alternative to Gladiators Bane for your Integer Physical and Magic Damage Reduction. You should aim for 20 in each Physical and Magical Damage Reduced by X.

    To Pheonix or not to Phoenix:

    Personally i think Pheonix makes this build more Paladiny, and hence feel it gives flavour to the build, however i dont want to cast it in stone, use any shield you like or can get hold of.
    If you can't afford the Phoenix or just don't like it, Gerke's Sanctuary is a great shield for an Energy Shield build (cheers to Doppel for that one) and would allow you to use a different Armour - Fortitude has lots of lovely stats on it for example. Without the Pheonix you will need Draculs Grasp to top your life up with Life Tap, since you wont have the Redemption Aura. you will also need some way of lowering fire resists like fire facets to replace the Pheonixs' -28% to Fire Resists.

    Dragon rune-word Shields are also nice, since their is a 12% chance to cast Lvl 15 Hydra on Striking, with our Fire Mastery this can be quite effective! The Holy Fire aura is not bad either, and with a nice strenght bonus socketing a Dragon Dragon (yes that should be twice) shield can help you equip heavier equipment.


    This build relies on three rune words, Passion, Pheonix and Infinity. The rest of it is made up of fairly common Uniques, which aren’t too expensive.

    Last edited by renegademaster; 20-05-2010 at 18:56. Reason: Added Dragon as Alt shield

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    Re: Build: The Order of Purifying Flame

    nice guide

    looks very fun to play

    too bad i only play classic

    perhaps you could hook me up with the whole setup and we can play lod together


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    Re: Build: The Order of Purifying Flame

    Fred you should venture into LOD it will blow your mind.

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    Re: Build: The Order of Purifying Flame

    I can vouch that this can be a really fun build to play, and quite powerful too.

    I've done a passion-zealer/ES and a DemonMachine/Orber before, and was planning to combine them into one build if I ever decided to make another Enchantress. Your build looks like it's pretty darn close to what I had in mind.

    A few opinions:
    1. your physical damage from the Xbow is so low that I don't see any point to upgrading it at the cost of ~45 stat points. I'd rather drop those points into Energy or Vit any day of the week - unless you drop the Phoenix and go for a max-blocking shield, then the upgrade might be worth it. That's something to consider, but I really like your use of Phoenix too.

    2. Personally, I feel FrozenArmor is not a good investment. The freezing duration is almost unnoticeable in Hell, and the defense bonus is too. Since you're stretched on stat points, I'd rather put that tiny boost into one of my synergies. Especially because --->

    3. I've mentioned it before many times, but I'll do it here too. I've always felt Fortitude was an excellent armor for an ES sorc. Possibly the best there is.
    a) level15 Chilling Armor will save you that skillpoint in FrozenArmor
    b) 25 FCR can help your teleport/static casting speeds
    c) 300% ED can help you kill those pesky fire immunes quicker
    d) the +Life mod is fantastic for a high-energy-investment build like an ES sorc. 10-20% more life? yes please.
    e) the resists might not be critical with ES, but they won't hurt your feelings any either
    f) the 7 PDR and 12% DTM can both have a little benefit with a high level of ES

    ... that's a lot of benefits from one equipment slot, and I think it compares with every other armour in the game in this case (though GladsBane is a solid choice too; I just hate getting to level85 to use it).

    4. My own experience was that the LifeTap on Dracul's Grasp was far more critical than the extra mana from Frostburns. Perhaps you could do better playing in a large party with lots of people to occupy the monsters, but playing with just me & the merc, it was easy to get hit once in a while, and ES doesn't always cover those hits. I don't have Phoenix though, so maybe it's not as important in your case (with the Redemption aura).

    5. Although you've got the link to some salient facts about Energy Shield, you might want to consider mentioning a few of the most important ones explicitly within your guide. Particularly:
    - mana burn monsters can become very dangerous
    - my own experience with ES sorcs was that FHR was not something to be ignored... manaburn is common enough that you will eventually find yourself tanking a monster with your ES collapsed and your ~400 life. Since it only takes 1/12th of your max life to force hit recovery, and since sorcs have a very slow hit recovery, having some FHR can be the difference between life & death. In my experience.
    - likewise, although resists aren't as important as they normally are, they can still save your butt around the wrong pack of mana burners. I like to keep my resists at least into the positive numbers, even with level40 ES active.
    - you've already mentioned PDR & MDR supplanting resists. ... perhaps mention socketing Sol runes into your armor/helm/shield (if possible).

    6. I can't afford Infinity for my merc, so I can state it's not critical for this build. It's definitely a plus if you have one, but an Insight is a cheap & effective alternative, and it'll help keep your ES active much, much better than the Infinity.

    Excellent guide.

    7. You've got the recommended strength as 111, but the minimum requirement for the Phoenix is 156.

    8. I haven't done extensive math on this, but I'm pretty sure +3 Enchant Ormus Robes is a better prebuffing armor than a +2 skills one - although it won't help your ES skill levels. Probably cheaper though.

    9. Likewise, you can purchase a 2-socket +3 Enchant staff from Drognan in Normal difficulty (it takes 5-30 minutes shopping) and make a 'Leaf' runeword in it for +6 Enchant. It's cheap and (relatively) easy to find, and will take up less of your stash space than an orb/shield. And unless you have a really good orb, the staff will provide more +skills than the orb/shield too. Sadly, you can't shop the +ES staff to make 'Memory' in.

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    Re: Build: The Order of Purifying Flame

    I'm a bit iffy about the pheonix. Disregarding the cost and disregarding how great redemption can be and disregarding the dual dream setup (which then wouldn't be according to "the order of the purifying flame" obviously) aren't there better or equally good choices which do not have that annoying firestorm? The enhanced damage is obviously great when dealing with fire immunes (for berserk, read: chaos sanctuary).
    I used a Gerke's sanctuary before for the physical and magical damage reduction and increased chance of blocking and i liked it. Maybe by using that shield you can switch the Gladiators Bane for another armor (or both use the Gladiators Bane and Gerke's Sanctuary), maybe a Dragon runeword (although the hydra on strike might give you as much trouble as the firestorm?), or a Duress for the extra damage from crushing blow and the faster hit recovery or an ethereal Prudence for some extra defense (when using a good ice armor) faster hit recovery and magic damage reduction, etc,... even the runewords bone or rain look quite interesting.

    Last edited by Doppel; 16-02-2009 at 04:36.

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    Re: Build: The Order of Purifying Flame

    Thanks guys for the critique i have made some updates. and given credit where due.

    Not sure how you expect to kill Fire Immunes without Infinity ? Will Static Field with Zeal and Crushing Blow do the trick alone?

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    Re: Build: The Order of Purifying Flame

    Quote Originally Posted by renegademaster View Post
    Not sure how you expect to kill Fire Immunes without Infinity ? Will Static Field with Zeal and Crushing Blow do the trick alone?
    Yes, but it's not exactly a butt-kicking solution. You'll definitely notice a slowdown. Don't forget, Passion also comes with +1 Berzerk. I actually found that pretty reliable too; just as reliable as my physical damage, actually. Although with Phoenix + Fortitude (and maybe a Might merc), and maybe some other damage-boosting items like Highlord's Wrath amulet, Gorerider's (Deadly Strike, ftw), Sharp charms, etc. you might have better results than I did.

    I didn't have Fortitude when I tried this (and still don't have Phoenix), so although I tried hard to boost my physical damage at that time, I was still moderately underwhelmed with the results. That's part of the reason that I'm leaning away from ES and more towards FO whenever I do get around to trying this again: ~25 skillpoints in FO = problem solved.

    But now that I'm thinking about it a little... I was always planning to use my ranged attack against melee monsters, and swap to my melee attack against ranged attackers (kindof an attempt to force each monster-type out of its element). Since that would mean I'll be ranged ~85% of the time, I'm going to consider using a beefier (but slower) base-weapon for the Passion for that other ~15% of the time... With my new Fortitude, that might allow me to focus on ES instead of FO and still have a strong enough backup to my fire attack... though that would probably force me more into melee against fire immunes, which isn't necessarily a great idea...

    ... still so much to ponder.

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    Re: Build: The Order of Purifying Flame

    Let me know if the physical damage works out. I had a Passion in Small Crescent Axe, but did find it slow. Maybe it will work better with Bezerk...

    You could try 20 points in Lightning mastery,and a Dream Shield and Crescent Moon on switch! Never was keen on Dream Helms.

    On a slightly different not -
    I was thinking ES + Frozen Orb + Cold mastery would be very effective in PVP.

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    Re: Build: The Order of Purifying Flame

    ive played plenty of lod , for me lod is for assasins and druids, otherwise classic is for the orginal 5, imo


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    Re: Build: The Order of Purifying Flame

    LOD is so much more versatile with all the new rune-words. you can be a Wolf-Barb, Ranger-Paladin, of Melee Sorc! Multiclassing i suppose!


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