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    [L] slam's ISO

    ok, I have a lot of stuff I'm looking for, some of it worthless, some of it worth multiple HR, so I figured I'd just post it all and see if anyone has it.

    Post what you have including any variable stats. Please let me know what you want for it, as I really don't want to make offers on your stuff.

    I have Perfect Gems, Terror Keys, and High Runes available for it. I have a lot of items as well, but too many to list at this time. Not too much super high end, but lots of low to mid level type items.

    The list is prioritized, so I might hold off on some stuff at the bottom of it until I get the things a the top, but I might bite on a good deal so you can always try.

    3OS Mask
    3 x Lem Runes
    Ko Rune
    Amn Rune
    3OS Short Bow
    Ethereal Bonehew
    Ethereal Hone Sundan
    0OS or 5 OS Berserker Axe
    Um Rune
    Pul Rune
    Sacred Targe with 40+ Resist All
    Dream Sacred Targe
    +3 Warcries/+3 Battle Orders Helm
    2+/3+/4+ Call to Arms
    High Gold Find Gheeds (> 145% GF)
    Amulet with 80% Gold Find and > 6% Magic Find
    Boots with > 77% Gold Find and > 21% Magic Find
    Gore Rider's
    Highlord's Wrath
    Verdungo's Hearty Cord

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    Re: [L] slam's ISO

    Do not start more than 2 threads within 24 hours, that's considered as spamming. Do not repost for 24 hours.


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