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    Discuss & Debate [East XSL]Bring the Hate (or Amn, or Hel, or Ral)

    [East XSL]Bring the Hate (or Amn, or Hel, or Ral)

    I currently have twelve each Keys of Destruction and Terror, but the Summoner just hasn't been forthcoming and I need eleven Keys of Hate. Also, I'm rerolling/crafting/upgrading, so the more of the title runes the better, even though I'm looking for Pul/Lem/Ko/Lum, as well (hell, anything up to Gul). This list will expand and contract as usual, but ask for something you're interested in, it may be hidden somewhere, and I can offer other things for Keys and runes.

    Keys of Hate
    Other runes to Gul
    Offers (especially on higher items)
    Druid Elemental/Necromancer Bone Caster Gear
    Better Chance of Getting Magic Items Gear
    Rare Boots (Defense, Fire/Poison Resistance, Faster Run/Walk and Hit Recovery, etc.) - will compare to ones being used
    Skillers of various kinds

    Arioc's Needle (4, 190)
    Blood Raven's Charge (3, 222, 248)
    Bonehew (297)
    Cliffkiller (225, 6-30)
    Crown of Ages (112, 23, 13, 2, PDiamond, PEmerald)
    Deathbit (150, 423, 6, 9), (175, 214, 6, 7)
    Duriel's Shell (160)
    Flamebellow (197, 18, 10, 8, 29)
    Frostburn (18)
    The Gavel of Pain (154)
    Gerke's Sanctuary (207, 29, 12, 16)
    Gimmershred (182)
    Hellrack (199, 113)
    Horizon's Tornado (249)
    Jade Talon (1, 2, 231, 11, 46)
    The Scalper (177, 5), (180, 4)
    Shaftstop (191)
    Silkweave (178)
    Soul Drainer (5, 5, 113)
    Spineripper (239)
    Stoneraven (3, 275, 468, 42)
    Stormrider (19), (20)
    Titan's Revenge (184, 7)
    Verdungo's Hearty Cord (91, 36, 10, 106, 11)
    Waterwalk (204, 59)
    Widowmaker (153, 5)

    Bul Kathos' Tribal Guardian
    Laying of Hands (58)
    Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest (68)
    Lidless Eye (2, 1, 1), (1, 2, 1)

    Chaos Scarb Amulet (2Barbarian, 20FCR, 1Max, 14Mana, 9Regen, 7PRes)

    Demon Horn Falcon Mask (2Elemental, 2CArmor, 27ED, 39Life, .75MPCL, 20SR)
    Hailstone Shell Hawk Helm (14/5Nova, 1Elemental, 10FHR, 2Hurricane, 2Armageddon, 3SCreeper, 3Life, 5Mana)
    Doom Horn Tiara (2Druid, 7LS, 51ED, 17Str, 12Life)

    Acrobatic Grand Charm
    Keeper's Amulet
    Keeper's Amulet of Accuracy (7)
    Rugged Amulet of Teleportation (9, 2/25)
    Valkyrie's Amulet of Fortune (17)
    Volcanic Amulet of Excellence (6)

    Alpha Helm (52Def, 3Fury, 2Hunger, 2FRage)
    Boneweave (9ED)
    Chaos Armor (15ED)
    Colossus Voulge (12ED, 3AR), (14ED, 3AR)
    Death Mask (15ED, 2Soc)
    Dusk Shroud (10ED)
    (688Def, Ethereal)
    Flail (Ethereal, 4Soc) * 2
    (Ethereal, 5Soc)
    Hellforge Plate (1081Def, Ethereal, 4Soc)
    Kraken Shell (14ED, 4Soc)
    Matriarchal Bow (3B&C, 4Soc)
    Monarch (144Def, 4Soc, Spirit, 35, 107, 7)
    (141Def, Spirit, 35, 95, 6)
    (139Def, Spirit, 35, 92, 7)
    (134Def, Spirit, 35, 96, 4)
    Spirit Mask (15ED, 14IMD, 2Tornado, 2Volcano, 3Twister, 2Soc, Nadir)
    Wyrmhide (469Def, 3Soc), (469Def, 4Soc)

    Also, I'm under the impression that the exact items in the non-tradable list is what's referred to. In other words, a Mage Plate (15ED) or (15ED, ??IMD, 3Soc) would be allowed, but not a (15ED, 3Soc). If this is correct, then I may post the first example later, when I go through all the jewels just to compare them to the same list... oy.


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    Re: [East XSL]Bring the Hate (or Amn, or Hel, or Ral)

    Crown of Ages (112, 23, 13, 2, PDiamond, PEmerald)
    30xkey of hate on this

    141 spirit mon with 35 fcr
    10xh key on this

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    Re: [East XSL]Bring the Hate (or Amn, or Hel, or Ral)

    You can ask for clarification on that to the Moderators. That is the safest way of doing it.


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