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    Re: East Ladder - Pally Tiara for HR's

    Yes, please close this thread, I'm not sure why it was started.

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    Re: East Ladder - Pally Tiara for HR's

    Please give your items a fair chance to be traded. If you are starting a thread, you have to wait for at least 12 hours before retracting an item from your list. Of course, you can decline any offer during these 12 hours, but your items are considered as still being offered, so you cannot offer them elsewhere during that time.

    It has been greater than the 12 hours since you offered the item so I won't give you a temp ban. However, it is very bad manners to offer an item here and when at least two people are bidding on it, and suddenly pull out of the thread.

    Consider this a warning regarding poor trading practices.


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