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    [L] Sham's ft list (incl torches) -=][V][=-

    Okay, well some of this stuff you will have already seen in my previous ft thread, but a lot of new stuff has been added (especially a few nice socketed items and a couple torches). I really really need to clear up some space (almost to the point of making a "give-away" game), so before I do that, I'll offer all of this again (this time around I will be accepting Pgems even though I don't have the GC from Nihal, D, or B like I've been trying to wait for...)

    So, ISO? Pgems for lesser items, runes for better items (I need to upgrade some stuff so Lem & Ko would be appreciated). I am pretty over-stocked on Sols, Thuls, and Amns but will still consider those to be fair. I wouldn't mind a Trang helm or a Tgods belt or Wisp Projector ring so I'll give special notice to offers including any of those (within reason). I'd really love an Infinity polearm also (or Ber, Mal, or Ist). I'm going to make a Thorns Necro soon so Bramble runes would be awesome too (Ohm or Sur).

    I'd prefer to do mostly mule trades as my time for getting online is a bit sporadic (plus I may change jobs soon which would limit me), and will do my best to complete trades as soon as possible.

    On to the list...


    [p3pse]Aldur's Rhythm jagged star - 3os
    [p1va]Aldur's Rhythm jagged star - 3os
    [p1mu]Arioc's Needle hyperion spear - 4 skills, 221% ed
    [p3pse]Athena's Wrath battle scythe - 151% ed
    [p2mre]Buriza Do-Kyanon ballista - 163% ed
    [p1sa]Carin Shard petrified wand
    [p2el]Dangoon's Teaching reinforced mace
    [p2mre]Dangoon's Teaching reinforced mace
    [p2mre]Deathbit battle dart - 168% ed
    [p2mse]Demon's Arch balrog spear - 188% ed
    [p1mu]Djinn Slayer ataghan - 239% ed
    [p3pce]Eaglehorn crusader bow - unid'ed
    [p2mse]Eschuta's Temper - 3 skills, 11% lit dmg, 10% fire dmg
    [p2mre]Eth Edge silver-edged axe 161% ed
    [p2mse]Eth Edge silver-edged axe 170% ed
    [p2eqj]Eth Edge silver-edged axe 160% ed
    [p1co]ETH Arioc's Needle hyperion spear - 222%ed, +4 skills
    [p2mse]ETH Flamebellow balrog blade - 208% ed
    [p3pce]ETH Spire of Honor lance - 173% ed
    [p1lu]Fleshrender barbed club
    [p1lu]Gavel of Pain martel de fer - 139% ed
    [p2mrs]Hellrack colossus crossbow - 218% ed
    [p1mu]Hellslayer Decapitator
    [p2eqj]Hellslayer Decapitator
    [p2el]Iron Jang Bong war staff
    [p2mse]Jade Talon wrist sword - 227% ed, 48 res all
    [p2eqj]Jade Talon wrist sword - 234% ed, 40 res all
    [p1sa]Kuko Shakaku cedar bow - 150% ed
    [p3pce]Lightsabre phase blade - 160% ed
    [p2mrs]Lycander's Flank ceremonial pike - 188% ed
    [p2mse]Magewrath rune bow - 132% ed
    [p2eqj]Meatscraper lochaber axe - 163% ed
    [p3pse]Oculus swirling crystal
    [p2eqj]Plaguebearer rune sword - 150% ed
    [p2eqj]RARE balrog blade - 305% ed, 9 to min dmg, 1 to max dmg, 36 to ar, 15-42 cold dmg
    [p1sa]Riphook razor bow - 197% ed
    [p1lu]Rusthandle grand scepter
    [p2el]Spectral Shard blade
    [p2mrs]Spire of Lazarus gnarled staff
    [p1mu]Stoneraven matriarchal spear - 265% ed, 42 res all, 506 def
    [p2eqj]Stormrider tabar
    [p3eqj]Tal-Rasha's Lidless Eye swirling crystal - 1cm, 2lm, 2fm
    [p3pse]Warspear gothic staff
    [p3pce]Windhammer ogre maul - 220% ed
    [p1bl]Wizardspike bone knife - unid'ed
    [p1sa]Wizendraw long battle bow - 73% ed, -31% enemy cold res

    Body Armor

    [p2mre]Arkaine's Valor balrog skin - 153% ed
    [p2mse]Atma's Wail embossed plate
    [p1co]Corpsemourn ornate plate - 174% ed
    [p2mse]Dark Adherent dusk shroud
    [p2mrs]Gladiator's Bane wire fleece - 160% ed
    [p3pce]Gladiator's Bane wire fleece - 188% ed
    [p3pse]Gladiator's Bane wire fleece - 197% ed
    [p2mse]Griswold's Heart ornate plate
    [p1mu]Haemosu's Adamant cuirass
    [p3pse]M'avina's Embrace kraken shell
    [p1sa]Natalya's Shadow loricated mail
    [p1sa]Ormus' Robes dusk shroud - 10 cold, 12 lit, 15 fire, +3 firewall
    [p2mre]Ormus' Robes dusk shroud - 13 cold, 10 lit, 14 fire, +3 ice bolt
    [p1lu]Toothrow sharktooth armor - 168% ed


    [p2eqj]Arcanna's Head skull cap
    [p1sa]Blackhorn's Face death mask
    [p2mse]Blackhorn's Face death mask
    [p2mrs]Darksight Helm basinet
    [p2mse]Duskdeep full helm
    [p3pce]ETH Wolfhowl fury visor - 3 wcs, 5 feral, 3 lyc, 6 were, 12 str, 8 dex, 13 vit, 129% ed
    [p3pse]Griswold's Valor corona - 27% mf, 2os
    [p3pce]Immortal King's avenger guard
    [p1sa]Natalya's Totem grim helm - 16 res all
    [p1sa]Rockstopper sallet
    [p3pse]Sazabi's Mental Sheath basinet
    [p1sa]Spirit Keeper earth spirit - 185% ed, 9 lit abs, 18% cold abs
    [p2mrs]Wolfhowl fury visor - 2 wcs, 4 feral, 6 lyc, 3 were, 12 str, 13 dex, 9 vit, 138% ed


    [p2mse]Bloodfist heavy gloves
    [p1sa]Frostburn gauntlets
    [p2mrs]Frostburn gauntlets
    [p2mrr]Ghoulhide heavy bracers
    [p2mrr]Hellmouth war gauntlets
    [p1mu]Immortal King's war gauntlets
    [p2mse]M'avina's battle gauntlets
    [p1lu]Magnus' Skin sharkskin gloves
    [p2eqj]Magnus' Skin sharkskin gloves
    [p1sa]Soul Drainer vambraces - 4% ml, 5% ll
    [p2eqj]Soul Drainer vambraces - 4% ml, 7% ll
    [p1mu]Venom Grip demonhide gloves


    [p2el]Infernostride demonhide boots
    [p3pse]Nayalya's mesh boots


    [p1co]Bladebuckle plated belt
    [p2mre]Goldwrap heavy belt
    [p2mrr]Immortal King's belt
    [p3pse]M'avina's sharkskin belt
    [p2mre]Nosferatu's Coil vampirefang belt
    [p2eqj]String of Ears demonhide sash - 7% ll, 10% dr
    [p2eqj]Tal-Rasha's belt - 13% mf
    [p1va]Tal-Rasha's belt - 14% mf
    [p2mre]Verdungo's Hearty Cord mithril coil - 38 vit, 11% dr
    [p1sa]Wilhelm's Pride battle belt
    [p2mre]Wilhelm's Pride battle belt


    [p1mu]Spike Thorn blade barrier
    [p3pce]Stormchaser scutum
    [p1sa]Whitsan's Guard round shield


    [p2msj]+3 to shadow disciplines
    [p3psj]+3 warcries
    [p2msj]+3 pois & bone / 1 max dmg
    [p2msj]+3 off auras
    [p2msj]+3 cold skills
    [p2msj]+3 mart arts / magic dmg red by 2
    [p3psj]+3 off auras / 11 to dex
    [p1va]+3 passive & magic skills
    [p2msj]Crescent Moon
    [p2msj]Nokozan Relic
    [p2msj]Saracen's Chance - 16 res all
    [p1va]Tal-Rasha's Adjudication


    [p1sa]magic ring - 10% fcr / res all 7


    [p1ea]Magic jewel - 15 res all, 18 to life
    [p2mre]Rainbow Facet - neg3% lit, 5% lit skill
    [p3psj]Rainbow Facet - neg5% fire, 3% fire skill


    [p3psj]+1 Shape-Shifting GC
    [p3pa]1-41 lit dmg / 15 pd SC
    [p3pa]5% fhr / cold res 3 SC
    [p1va]301 pd 12 secs GC
    [p2msj]100 pd / 1-9 lit dmg SC
    [p1lu]Gheeds - 33mf, 138gf, 10% vend
    [p2el]Gheeds - 34mf, 136gf, 13% vend
    [p1co]Gheeds - 23mf, 117gf, 10% vend


    [p1va]Arctic Gear full set

    Socketed Items

    [p3pso]4os crystal sword
    [p3pso]4os flail
    [p3pso]4os flail
    [p3pso]3os ETH ogre axe
    [p3pso]3os superior cryptic sword - 12% ed, +3 to ar
    [p3pso]3os ETH balrog blade
    [p3pa]3os phase blade
    [p3pa]3os phase blade
    [p3pso]4os phase blade
    [p3pso]4os colossus voulge
    [p3pso]4os colossus voulge
    [p3pso]5os ETH great poleaxe (need good offer)
    [p3pso]3os giant thresher

    Last but not least,
    Torches (attributes/resists)

    [p1lu]Druid - 13/11
    [p2ea]Barbarian - 16/18

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    Re: [L] Sham's ft list (incl torches) -=][V][=-

    [p2mre]Dracul's Grasp vampirebone gloves
    [p1va]Tal-Rasha's Adjudication
    [p1ea]Magic jewel - 15 res all, 18 to life

    HR for these three.

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    Re: [L] Sham's ft list (incl torches) -=][V][=-

    stats on the dracs?

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    Re: [L] Sham's ft list (incl torches) -=][V][=-

    [p1ea]Magic jewel - 15 res all, 18 to life - HR on this
    Always interested in buying amns and sols so if you want to sell some, lmk

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    Re: [L] Sham's ft list (incl torches) -=][V][=-

    Ugh this is embarassing... I just went to check stats on the Dracs and they aren't there... I just remembered I had thrown them into a previous trade a week or so ago to make change for a HR... I am VERY VERY sorry but the Dracs are not available... bleh. I'm a moron.

    scoobs: I guess you have t/o on the jewel then, since I don't have the Dracs for Odin's offer...

    [Edit]Added a 4os phase blade.[/Edit]
    [Edit]Added a wiz spike unid'ed.[/Edit]

    Last edited by Shamanator; 29-12-2008 at 11:42.

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    Re: [L] Sham's ft list (incl torches) -=][V][=-

    its ok dude, dont worry about it

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    Re: [L] Sham's ft list (incl torches) -=][V][=-

    [p3pse]Warspear gothic staff

    Lem rune.


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    Re: [L] Sham's ft list (incl torches) -=][V][=-

    [p2eqj]Zakarum's Hand rune scepter - 216% ed, 8% ml
    [p2mse]Tearhaunch greaves
    [p2mse]Baezil's Vortex knout - 173% ed
    [p3pse]Lava Gout battle gauntlets

    Pul for these.

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    Re: [L] Sham's ft list (incl torches) -=][V][=-

    10 pgems for this [p3pso]4os monarch



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    Re: [L] Sham's ft list (incl torches) -=][V][=-

    Is the Nos a "lesser" item you'd trade for pgs? Send me a PM, please, and let me know what you were looking for for either of those.


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