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    smite/zeal ias breakpoints

    I followed the guide on this forum and make a 1pt-smiter to do ubers (thanks for a great writeup btw).

    I was wondering what the IAS breakpoints are, so I can figure out what jewels to use. My gear atm is:

    32/395 grief pb
    um'd hoz
    guil's face
    AP fort
    Gore Riders
    BK, Raven

    So without a torch I have +7 to skills and lvl 27 fanaticism.
    Am I close to a new ias breakpoint for smite or zeal and should I jewel the guil's or get a faster grief? What about without fanaticism?


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    Re: smite/zeal ias breakpoints

    Here is the calculator I used to determine the IAS breakpoints;

    Speed calculator

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    Re: smite/zeal ias breakpoints

    If you read the 1pt smite guide carefully you will notice that the author says that you should not worry about the ias roll of your grief since even the lowest roll would get you to the last BP. If you use that calc you will find that you need less than 10 IAS to hit the BP with a Phase Blade and.. well, your grief gives 32 IAS so you are set.

    Socketing your Helmet with a Um is probably what will benefit you the most - a IAS jewel would be a waste!


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