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    What are all the good poison gear items out there?

    Could anyone give me a list or point me to a link to a list of all (or most, or at least some) of the poison gear available out there?

    What is there, -% poison resistance, +% poison dmg, +skills? Is there anything else out there that boosts poison damage, etc?

    Thanks a lot

    Also how does damage reduction work exactly?

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    Re: What are all the good poison gear items out there?

    Some possible choices of poison necro gear:

    • Death's Web wand (-40-50% enemy poison resist, +2 all skills, +1-2 PnB skills = GODLY!!)
    • Trang gloves (+2 curses, 20fcr, +25% poison skill dmg, cold res)
    • Bramble armor (+50% poison skill dmg, thorns aura, 50 fhr, some resists)
    • 3 soc helm stuffed with facets.
    • 4 soc shield stuffed with facets.

    Also, you can socket your helm and shield with poison facets to increase poison skill dmg and decrease enemy resist. Not sure I would do the 3 soc helm and th 4 soc shield all stuffed with facets. And I'm not sure I would wear Bramble if I could get an Enigma. But that's just my preference (love the tele )

    But Deaths Web is by far the best weapon. Get it if you can afford one. They are expensive though. And no reason not to use Trang Gloves...they're cheap.

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    Re: What are all the good poison gear items out there?

    Death's web
    3 piece trangs (gloves and shield are a must). Gloves give +25% pdmg and shield has a partial set bonus of -25% epr. The third item used is usually the belt. Of course you can skip this and use something like Arach + Homunculus (especially if you have a nice Dweb)
    Shako (of course you COULD find a +3p&b 3os one and socket 3 perfect poison RBFs...)
    Bramble gives a nice poison boost, but Enigma, CoH, or even a good SotV or Skullder's will be a more balanced choice

    Anyway, in my eyes the must items are Dweb (because of the massive -epr that softens up broken immunes) and trang gloves (because it's easy to get and can't get anything remotely as good for the glove slot). You can customize the rest of the stuff as you see fit to account for survivability and more comfortable gameplay

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    Re: What are all the good poison gear items out there?

    How much did you guys pay for those Death Web's?

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    Re: What are all the good poison gear items out there?

    For me, the key items of a poisonmancer are (these with perfect numbers):

    Weapon: Death's web (+4 pnova, -50% enemy poison resistance)
    Armor: "bramble" (+50% poison skill damage)
    Shield: Trang ouls (+2 pnova, -25% enemy poison res)
    Belt: Trang ouls
    Gloves: Trang ouls (+25% poison skill damage)

    Then of course poison facets in the sockets.

    I would also never use shako for any non-MFing character ever. I just think circlets beat it for almost any build.

    I'd suggest a +3 pnb circlet. Preferably 2 sockets.

    +3 pnb amulet, double SoJ, etc.


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