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    Re: Bane of the WW Barbarian

    How come barbs can be so fast in Classic? You only have 30 FRW from boots and some from the skill. Outrun GA? Geez. But that's where Slow comes in.

    I just click on the links at the bottom of the page that seem interesting, but they're always many years old for some reason.

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    Re: Bane of the WW Barbarian

    Well, there's Iratha's which gives you 20frw if you wear at least 3 of the items.
    There's blinkbat armor with it's 10 frw(light armor, so no penalties which completely void the frw on the armor like with the hawkmail)
    I think Isenharts can also give you a speedboost which you can actually combine with Iratha's. Although the Isenharts frw mainly just compensates for it having a breastlplate in the set.
    But the 30frw from boots + the barbs frw skill at a 10+ level are already enough to ourrun GA arrows.

    It's good to rediscover old treasures and throw some fresh views on older threads.

    Classic, where a runeword is a weapon missing the s in the middle.


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