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    Mac - Diablo - Can't connect to mltpl servers

    I must stress, I AM NOT RESTRICTED in any way. I know this because of the following reasons:

    a.) I e-mailed blizzard tech support last week when I began having this problem and provided my IP address. I was told at that time there is no restriction on my IP address.
    b.) I have a windows based laptop next to me that I am able to connect with no modification to the computer's network settings, or the router setup directly.

    For arguments sake I have tried the troubleshooting listed on the support page. The most important info (I feel) is listed below.

    1. I am logged in as administrator
    2. I have tried to connect with and without the mac firewall activated and the diablo program allowed.
    3. I am able to connect from a windows based machine with no modification to it, or my network.

    I am new to macintosh, so I don't know what else to try. I appreciate any assistance.

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    Re: Mac - Diablo - Can't connect to mltpl servers

    If you're using a router, try directly connecting the Mac to the modem instead. See if you're able to connect then.

    If so, it's obviously your router :P


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