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    Re: Gauss members V2


    sure i can introduce myself a bit more..
    account name: Lip02
    My name is: Maurice
    Age: 22
    Occupation: student in communication and multimediadesign

    I play diablo since 1.09.. i'm always in for some help you only have to whisper me i will help muling, rushing, wps and questing. i love to chat.

    My main goal is to help others and to get better myself.

    i hope to see you guys all soon on the channel

    Player who can vouch for me is: Slaj03

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    Re: Gauss members V2

    Hello again .

    Name: det
    Age: 45
    Occupation: Animator, director, storyboard artist in TV cartoons
    Interests: Movies, WoW..long time D2 HC addict..recovering and returning a little
    Chars: KTA_Luna, Kta_Hammerdin
    Accounts: detanimation, simondiablo11

    Barry, Chiller and technically the KTA team can vouch for me as I am one of the founders a few years ago. I play randomly, just to relax - have gotten a few items to get me started and returned some On the occasions that I hang out in the channel, there were indeed only a few ppl around..nice bunch and very helpful



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    Re: Gauss members V2

    Me again:

    Name: Bryan
    Age: 39
    Occupation: Industrial Controls and Software Engineer
    Chars: AJ_Crowley, Trappyslapper, Chlorine, Hork_Smash
    Accounts: *basket-case and multiple mule accounts that don't channel hang.

    Played a horrendous amount of D2 around 2003-2004 until life kicked me in the balls and made me pull my finger out again.

    Also played Knight-Online, EvE, WoW, X2 and X3 and various others, and currently undergoing a refreshment of Diablo2 Hardcore when I'm not raiding in WoW with my uber-shaman.

    Was a regular in the old chat gat-europe channel, and a member of some of the early KTA runs. Hopefully Baranor, Det and maybe even Chiller-babe can remember me

    I don't put up with any crap, thieves maphackers, script kiddy pks and the like can all burn in hell. If you don't fit the above list, then I'm a nice chap, even if I'm a grumpy old bastard at times.

    P.S. Does this mean my gauss rights have been revoked until I get a reply here?

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    Wow sux.

    Re: Gauss members V2


    Name: Call me Zel
    Age: 14....
    Occupation: School slave
    Chars: An untwinked Fire druid only atm.
    Accounts: Sober. , Sob. , Sobmule

    So, I'm from norway, born as a computer//music freak.. Mostly the things I do at my spare time is, playing a instrument called "Euphonium", playing TEH piano, and ofc D2. I've played a couple o' years, but I started playing at battle net only like 1,5 years ago.. so I'm still a nub. I jumped right to HC after I completed SC. The first death I can recall was a lvl 24 hammerdin, who just had gotten a spirit sword from a friend, so that made me a lil upset. I'm sure there were death's before that hammerdin too though....

    Vouches: I think Earl, teh boss Floyd and some other peeps can vouch for me being a hax-free and not-stealing guy.. I can make some lame jokes however, quite a lot of them, so take w/e I say with a "grain of salt" (right, right?).


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    Re: Gauss members V2

    hi , its hido again , i may make better description of me =

    i'm from France , Paris , and i'm 22 years old. i play d2 lod since many years but i stopred on 1.11 coz of to much dupes and pk's u may saw it urselfs. well i'm working as locksmith on my own shop in paris and i've time to play on the day and night -.-

    hardcore playing is more attractiv for me i never play to softcore , a few years ago i was in net space and played hc with many friends who i know irl and it was really fun!
    i wish remember it by being in the op gauss , i'm sympathiks enough =)
    thanks for learning , i repeats my accs :


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    Re: Gauss members V2

    Quote Originally Posted by Ankeli View Post
    Name: Riku
    Age: 22

    Vouch: I stole Barry's coupon.
    I will vouch for this guy anytime. I just got my 2nd deeds this ladder, and he was there instantly to help me out. Even through dolls and OKs.
    And whatever I offered for the help, he simply refused.

    The recovered equipment wasn't terribly impressive, but it's the best I have atm. The items I was most anxious to get back were a 35fcr spirit in a @42 Sacred Rondache and an Um'ed upped Viper :embarassed:.

    This is the 2nd death of my hammer TuT_Thor (90 and 81).

    ...and I think I'll take a little break from DII as well :cry:.

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    Re: Gauss members V2

    Name: floyd - dyolf
    Age: 47
    Location: Zurich
    Occupation: I have a master in physics and computer science, am currently developing software in the area of medical imaging, and also work as a teacher.
    Interests: Physics, computer programming, and maths are my main interests, but i also like being in the nature (sailing, jogging, gardening) or last not least spend time with my wife. I started playing computer games way back with titles like ZORK, Wizardry, a lot of rpgs like Dungeon Master and finally got hit by Diablo 1, Diablo 2 classic and LOD. Like many of us i have played d2 with longer breaks since the beginning.
    Chars: orb/tk, fishymancer, furyzon.

    I run the gauss channel bot, and had quite some fun setting it up and scripting custom commands for the gauss channel. I show up in the channel mostly in the later afternoon for a short visit, or then later at night for longer sessions.

    If i'm in the channel feel free to ask me for safe muling or anything else, i will be glad to help, time permitting.

    Accounts: floyd74, floyd77

    Last edited by dyolf; 29-07-2008 at 17:50.

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    Re: Gauss members V2

    My name is Dmitry... friends call me Koy or Lucky (i always win at dice and cards). I'm almost 34 (coming September) and i was born at Friday, 13-th That alone should give you enough impression. I have degree at economics and management, but since that field bored the crap out of me and i have a lot of IT experience, during last years i've been working as Software testing expert for video/audio security systems.

    I play Diablo from release date, although with huge vacations from time to time. First game i've ever played dates back to computers without hard drives with 1 MB of extended memory I'm a huge fan of old school text MuDs and everything about MMORPGs. Even "freelanced" for Blizzard for 2 years as part of a team, that developed original economical concept for WoW ( please no violence about BoP items ).

    I'm also a fan of creative writing so act as journalist and chief editor of 2 russian gaming web-journals and (yes, i love to brag) received "Most influential gaming journalist of 2007" reward from Runet (russian-net) media organisation.

    That's pretty much it Whisper me anytime you want some help or rushes or quests or Baals or anything else. I love helping people out, so i do it with pleasure and always jump on opportunities. My active account is *Koyen

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    Re: Gauss members V2

    Wow you lot have really interesting backgrounds and occupations - good idea this thread!

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    Re: Gauss members V2

    Name: Anton
    Age: 30
    Location: Sliedrecht, NL
    Occupation: Software engineer.
    Chars: Leaper barby (7x), fishy necro (2x) and a frost zealot (1x).
    Accounts: *oOmpie, *uncLezKTA

    DOOM series and Quake series.. That was all she fricking wrote for me for my teenage years. Have been playing QW, Q2 and Q3 competitively at medium to high national lvl, but I had to start working at some time, that's when I switched to all kinds of games to just play casually, mostly non-FPS. Last couple of years the main one of which has been D2. Played D1 and D2 a lot before but single player. Current member of KTA.

    Used to play in a death metal band for over 10 years with a mild degree of success and been powerlifting last ten years or so. Not too much success there, but it's a damn cool hobby

    Not too much Diablo time for me, but sometimes the urge kicks in and I will be on a lot, just depends

    Hope to see you around!


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