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    IncGamers Member dyolf's Avatar
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    Gauss members V2 (Europe Hardcore Ladder)

    OP Gauss is a closed channel for Hardcore Ladder players on the Europe realm.

    This information is important. If you want to become and remain a member of gauss, read it in full!

    Who are we looking for?
    Nice, legit D2 hardcore players who look for a safe community.

    How can i join?
    • Read the documentation (this post and the command list), it's annoying to tell everyone seperately how the channel works when there is good and short documentation.
    • Accept the Rules: behave, so that the channel is a fun and safe place for all.
      • Be a good citizen. Participate in the channel, help others, get involved!
      • Never message the gauss password to anyone and anywhere. If you do, you will possibly get exiled or at least timebanned for a week.
      • Don't grab. If you are in a run, the runner normally has first pick at drops. In normal games, ask. If you picked it up anyway, DON'T IDENTIFY IT and ask for it.
      • Don't cheat. And no, there are no harmless cheats.
      • Don't pk unfairly.

    • Get a vouch by a senior member or op of the gauss channel. Sorry, but this is necessary.
    • Post in the gausschannel members forum, including a paragraph of readable text with decent spelling where you introduce yourself.
      D2 history:
      Why do you want to join:
      Who told you about Gauss and got anyone who can vouch for you:
    • Ask your voucher to reply to your post.

    When can I use the channel?
    Wait for a reply to your post. Don't enter the channel before the reply! The bot will kick and ban you right away.

    How do I get started?
    After you have been added, just "/join op gauss". You will get a greeting information from the bot:
    • Join the gausschannel members forum
    • Check your .rank and ask to get promoted to newcomer, if you are not already. Otherwise, you can't use the .password and entering gauss games will get you, and the one who told you the password, banned.
    • Get to know the members of the channel, you can use .meminfo to see how trustworthy someone is. Get involved in the channel, leechers will be removed.
    • use the .help command for pointers.
    • Right click on the bot to get some important commands.

    Rules for ops:
    • only add people who have a vouch from a senior member
    • promote known people with no rank to newcomer

    I have more questions!
    Ask in the channel, or search this forum for gauss commands.

    One last thing...
    In your application, state that you have read and understood the gauss channel rules and information. If you don't do this, you application can be rejected with "Gauss error #1". Also, you will be laughed at if you say you did not know the rules.

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    IncGamers Member ThomasJohnsen's Avatar
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    Re: Gauss members V2

    Hello .

    Name: Thomas (called Tom mostly but also TJ or Joe on occasion)
    Age: 36
    Occupation: Teacher atm. but has a degree in Computer Programming and also a 3-year education as a Grocer (I know - weird combo)
    Interests: I like the nature a lot and I often take long walks. I also enjoy fishing very much, though I'm by no means a shark (hehe). I listen to all sorts of music, but mostly just mainstrem pop/rock these days - whatever is on the radio (still like some of the oldies though). In the evenings (besides playing DII) I like to watch a good movie.
    Chars: A BO-barb, a Hammerdin, a Smiter and planning TK/Orb (socialism) Sorc and Fishy.
    Accounts: TJ_Hardcore and TJ_Hardcore2

    I don't frequent the channel much, but if you need a rush or some help with muling or WPs or something similar, I am online quite often and usually ready to help. Feel free to whisper any time. I play 2 accounts on 2 computers, so rushing is quite easy - but know though that (being old) I tend to play patiently and with caution.

    Regards Tom
    [The people who can vouch for me, no longer frequent the channel :\]

    #EDIT: Forgot to mention my Windy Druid (75). I never use him though, as he just dosen't kill as fast as the hammer. I may take him a few levels higher, when I get extremely bored one day.

    Last edited by ThomasJohnsen; 29-07-2008 at 11:00.

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    IncGamers Member McCain123's Avatar
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    Hilden, Germany

    Re: Gauss members V2


    Name: Patrick (called Mc, Cain, Peddy)
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Programmer
    Interests: Computer games, my Dart team, Poker nights with friends ( not online, but live ), cinema
    Chars: Fishymancer, Orb-TK sorc, BO-Barb / planning to do Smiter, Hammerdin and Enchantress
    Accounts: *peddy4_hc

    I don't frequent the channel much, but I can help with most problems. My vouches come from the KTA-crew, as I had a good time with these guys.


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    IncGamers Site Pal MrKaxe's Avatar
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    Thatcham, Berkshire, England
    BattleTag TheDK-2325

    Re: Gauss members V2

    Name: Dean (called Kaxe mostly but also dk)

    Age: 26

    Occupation: Property Manager

    Interests: Band called happiness@gunpoint, Basketball, 40k, Necromunda, DnD (3.5), Heroes of Might n Magic 3 WOG mod, Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, American Dad and other cartoons and other stuffage I can't think of right now! BBQ's at the weekend I also like to watch a good movie!

    Chars: Meteorb sorc and Bo I need more playtime!

    Accounts: TheDK, TheDKii, spankedmonkey, TheDKm

    Temp leader of KTA 'til Tika comes back, played d1 and d2 since it came out, lurked on these forums for 2 years 'til I figured why the hell should I not join up!

    (tis a bit lame I know but I thought I better post for the sake of completeness!)

    EuHCL 'til I die...or lose my connection...

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    IncGamers Member Baranor's Avatar
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    Staring at stars in ME... RaauuwwrR

    Re: Gauss members V2

    So uh, do we post here or what? At any rate, hum, I'll post some personal info on me. Always nice to "know" people.

    : Barry.
    Age: 28
    Occupation: Software Engineer, Oracle. I have an MSc in Biology, molecular plant science and animal ethics were my majors.
    Interests: Cookies, metal, my wife, books, nature, programming, and gaming.
    And I conjure up "aksidents" for other people's chars, occasionally, in pubbie games. LLD for teh win!
    Chars: WB druid, Blaze/Orb Sorc, WW-barbie in its infancy.
    Accounts: Baranor and BtK-Baranor

    General bla:
    Hopping on and off always, playing time is sparse, but I try to serve cookies to everyone. I'm a channel OP, so if you have questions, you might be able to direct them to me. I also run the GAT-side of Gauss together with Chiller-babe.

    I don't have any vouchers, but I have a "Get-Into-Gauss-for-free-Coupon". Do you accept coupons? I hope so

    Last edited by Baranor; 29-07-2008 at 10:54. Reason: 29? What was I thinking! I am still young. 28! Damned!

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    IncGamers Member
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    Re: Gauss members V2

    Chiller Here

    As it ain't polite to ask ages let's just say I'm older than anyone else so far

    Job: Distribution Director

    Interests: My kids, RPing, Loud Thrashy Guitar music from a byegone age and Books - loads of 'em.

    Accs: *Chiller-Babe & *Chiller-Babe1

    I spend very little time in the channel, but if I be dropped a msg to my acc then I will answer after I have destroyed any opposition I am fighting at the time.

    Have played with KTA, GAT, The Amazon-Basin - pretty much everyone at some time as I be pretty sociable once you get to know me

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    IncGamers Member asdfgah's Avatar
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    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Re: Gauss members V2

    Hello :azn:

    Name: Adam (aka asdf or hedstrom)
    Age: 20
    Occupation: 19th Agust I will begin to study at university to become a marine engineer, which will be my occupation in four years when my studies are done
    Interests: Except from d2 my main interests are hiking and general outdoor life, and training Kyokushin Karate.
    Chars: Only a blizzballer at the moment.
    Accounts: asdf_l5

    Uh.. that looks a little thin :( hope it's enough.

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    Re: Gauss members V2

    Name: You can call me Earl

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Office Donkey and Gardening Student

    Interests: Music, Video Games, Mixed Martial Arts

    Chars: I only have one char running at the minute. Earl_ofBronze. Level 67. Conviction Zealot/Ranger. Currently using Voice of Reason, Duress, Harmony(on switch) Woo!

    Accounts: Ilikestufftoo, ilikestufftoo2, ilikestufftoo3, ilikestufftoo4, and soon to be ilikestufftoo5

    Random: Well, i've played the Diablo games since they were released, and have been addicted to them ever since. I distinctly remember when i bought Diablo2, my girlfriend at the time was giving me hassle when i said i wanted to buy it because apparently i was "wasting my money". Anyway, like us blokes do, i ignored her comments and spent 35 on Diablo2. Took the game home and started slaying some demons. My girlfriend sat and watched for a while, then said "erm. . . can i have a go?"
    From that moment on i couldnt get her off the damned thing!!

    I used to play barbs all the time, since my computer is too slow to use a necro, or to tele with a sorc. Now i have an addiction to obscure builds, and am currently not seeking any treatment for it

    Alot of people in the channel will know of me, and i'm always willing to help where i can, always chatting in the lobby, and yes guys, almost always afk for a schmoke

    Anyway, I'll see you all in the lobby. Stay safe everyone!

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    Newcastle, UK

    Re: Gauss members V2

    Name: Ivan (is Easiest!)
    Age: 28 (not for much longer)
    Occupation: Senior Information Analyst - Working in Mental Health Industry UK
    Interests: Gaming D2, X-box360, Spectrum, SNES, Amiga, Megadrive in fact all consoles to present, Poker (Play in Casino local event level), Weights, Travelling and Cinema
    Chars: Fishy, BO-Singer, Smiter, MetOrb being built, Windy
    Accounts: Krazeyivan

    General Info:
    Played D1 since the word go, D2 from beta and LOVED IT!!
    On most of the time in the channel, usually floating round with the KTA crew and others, feel free to say hello

    I know Kaxe well, and the Main man Floyd

    Current aim is to get me Ubering, am working towards this, if you have similar goals lets rocks!

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    IncGamers Member Ankeli's Avatar
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    Re: Gauss members V2

    Name: Riku
    Age: 22
    Occupation: Something related to computers I cannot translate properly, networking specialist, system admin in training
    Interests: Generally techy-stuff, worrying how to pay my bills.
    Chars: At the moment a TK/FO sorc, Conc barb and a Fishymancer. Got a light sorc in building to replace the TK/FO but she's a project deemed to last forever as I want to perfect her gear before she gets even levelled and played through hell.
    Accounts: Ankeli, Ankeli2, Ankeli3

    Vouch: I stole Barry's coupon.

    Feel free to grab me by the sleeve whilst I'm in the channel for help with muling or whatever. I'll gladly rush what I can, so atm it's pretty much limited to Normal / Nightmare. A good chat when bored never hurts either


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