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    Re: Cranium Basher any good?

    Well, I hit lvl 87 tonight and was finally able to equip my Cranium Basher, And all I can say is wow. My top end damage went from 4.4k to 8.1k according to the LCS, but the big thing I'm noticing is the 75% CB and the Amp damage proc; when I get amp damage on a target it dies fast; Meph lasted about 15 seconds or so, and that's with players set at 8.

    My biggest remaining weaknesses are my lack of AR (I'm about 7.4k) and mediocre resists aside from FR. I've been loading up on AR charms to help with the first issue, and still have my armor unsocketed to help with the resists. I switched out my IK gloves and belt for a String of Ears and some crafted blood gloves with mana leech, which is currently my only source for that. I'll probably stick with those until I find some Drac's. I also gave the Reaper's Toll back to my Sorc's merc since he needs it for Meph runs and because I don't like decreptify cancelling out amp damage. So I gave my merc a Bonehew, and I must say watching Bone Spears fly all over the screen is freaking awsome. Fun stuff.

    (Edit: Hilariously, my first MF run after I just give the Reaper's back to my sorc merc and Meph drops one. Guess I won't have to worry about passing the one I had back and forth now. :grin: )

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    Re: Cranium Basher any good?

    yea its a pretty dope, I'm glad its working well for you dude


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