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    Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    Here it is; the official d3 forum introductions thread! Tell us something about yourself, how long you've been following Diablo or Blizzard games, what interested you in D3, etc.

    I might as well start, and I'll partially curtail my natural impulse to write way too much by pointing to the bio I've got on my wiki user page.

    More to the point of this thread, I've been an admin, newshound, feature writer, and the main content person on since about 1998. I traveled to E3 and Blizzard North to play pre-release, and played countless hours of D2 and D2X in the early days; mostly hardcore. I semi-retired from this site around 2003, and only got back into active webmastering a couple of years ago, when I spent a year and a half building and running our HGL site. You all know how that turned out. :cry:

    In a rare display of good timing, I returned to working on this site earlier this year, and since then I've been building up the Diablo Wiki and hoping Blizzard would announce D3 sometime soon, while not really believing they ever would. Now that they have, I'm excited to follow the game's development, and I'm happy to be again working on the best Diablo site on the internet.

    The Diablo 1, 2, & 3 Wiki! (Under construction.)

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    Re: Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    I started out as a Diablo 1 player. From that moment I was hooked on the game.
    When Diablo 2 was announced I followed it from the start on that horrible forum that Blizzard opened, where you did not even have to register to post.
    Played Diablo 2 for a very long time before eventually fleeing to Guild Wars for about half a year and then moving on to WoW, wich had been running for a year already at that time.

    But now I'm back, ready to follow the development of Diablo 3.

    I also decided to register on a forum, and chose this site again because I had been here before from my Diablo 2 time. Unfortunately I could not recall what account I had used then.

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    Re: Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    Played D, then D2, then D2x from release onwards. Recently got back into D2x when my flatmate expressed an interest. Have been basically dormant for a while until I heard the news... at work... I might have whooped... People looked at me funny. But who cares, finally, finally we have D3

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    Re: Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    I first got into Diablo when I played the orignial on a pc gamer cd. I was totally hooked. When dial-up was the only way to get online; I would spend 6+hours a day using our only phone line to play. I bought D2 the day it was released, same with the Expansion. I quit about 4 years ago due to it consuming my life. Since then I started my own business and work in human services. However im fearful it will all be lost once D3 hits...

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    Re: Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    I had only played a few computer games in my life, growing up on NES and SNES and such. Everyone at a message board I went to was talking about their D2 characters. I got it for my birthdays a few months after it had come out. Unfortunately, the paper that the CD key was written on looked like it had fallen to the floor, been stepped on, and slapped back on. It was folded, barely sticking, and illegible.

    I was very excited about playing, but had to exchange it for a new one. The first character I made was a sorc. I decided that it was too frustrating waiting for my mana to fill back up after about 10 minutes and made a summon necro. I got to act 3 and decided to start playing online.

    I made a holy fire pally (not good back then, either). I found my first unique, the chieftain.

    From there I played D2 off and on for 8 years. I bought the expansion as soon as my local Best Buy opened and made a vengeance pally that was awesome. I was never very rich, since I quit and started at least a dozen times. I mostly liked leveling my characters up, and quickly became bored of them once I got to the end-game exp run part. I made over 150 characters I'm sure, shying away from the strongest builds.

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    Re: Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    I'm 22 years old male and I'm also studying history at the Helsinki university (Finland). On the side of studying, I work as a clerk/personnel in a small book shop. I got married young, so I just spent my two year anniversary. No kids at the moment but I hope having them in the future, whatever that might mean.

    I found Diablo series through my brother who introduced me to the demo where the last enemy is butcher (two first levels playable only). It was before the release of the original Diablo.

    I played a lot of Diablo back then, mostly LAN. Good times.

    Pre-ordered D2. Got it a week late. I was an angry teenager by then. Anyway, didn't find the aspect of the game until LoD came out. Even then, only played like a year until FPS games got me going (RtCW ftw). After 1.10 been playing on and off, mostly off.

    I like to hype, speculate and circulate rumors. The last game I really bothered to play was D2:lod and some FPS games in LAN, so I really don't play anything, but I like to follow what's going on. I might like that even more than gaming itself

    So thank you for providing me with such a good and reliable source to Diablo universe!

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    Re: Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    I'd heard of the Diablo series for a while, so when I saw D1 for $20 about 4-5 years ago I snapped it up and started off with my first character. A few weeks and many hours later, and a lot of nagging from my mum, telling me to get off the computer, and I'd killed Diablo. This was my first game addiction ever, indeed the first game that I actually thought about when I wasn't playing. If I didn't get my "fix" every night I'd feel like crap! Eventually killed Diablo with a few characters but I never really got to play online.

    Then came DII, and the word "addiction" got a whole new meaning. Combining the amount of time I played SP and Bnet, as well as D2X about a year later, and I reckon it'd be around 1000 hours, perhaps even more. Add in time spent on these forums, of which I've been a member of for 2-3 years, and that's so much time spent on one game that I don't really want to think about it...

    Now D3. I was seriously so excited when I saw the official site that I felt a kind of "tingly" feeling in my stomach. It took at least 24 hours for it to sink in, I was literally that amazed.
    Just snatched the gameplay vid off a friend, and spent 2 hours watching it, first in normal then in slow-motion, checking out all the skills that get moused over

    So that's it for me. One thing though, can someone tell me about these so called "Developer Panels"? What are they and where can they be downloaded? Did any really interesting questions get answered?

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    Re: Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    Where do i even begin?

    Believe it was way back in late '96 when I first got my hands on the demo version of Diablo I, and that was my moment I have officialy became hooked for life. Through Diablo I, that crappy Hellfire expansion, the gloriousy Diablo II, LoD and more patches and mods than I'd be willing to admit, these series of games have easily consumed a MONSTROUS part of my life in the last decade or so.

    Been a member of since early 2002 I believe, and now that there's suddenly a Diablo III in the making, I hope to see some fammiliar faces again, and get accquainted with many new diabloholics such as myself.

    P.S- the dude who took Lord_Vega better watch his back, hehe

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    Re: Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    I've been here for a long time... I was a frequent Diablo 2 player, and I would come to a lot. When I retired from d2 oh... 4 years ago or so, I frequented the OTF forum, until I got the Webmaster job for Worked for about 2 years, one as an editing admin, fixing code changes and running the forums, and one as the main admin, running everything. I play(ed) HGL and visited that site fairly frequently before real life got in the way. Now, with the announcement of D3, I'm back into D2 and these forums

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    Re: Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    I'm 25 and I play Diablo for 12 years... that's nearly half of my life! I just got started, back in 1996, with that addictive 2 level demo that introduced me to The Butcher... I got so impressed by that guy that it took me sometime to recover from that creepy voice and death filled surroundings... Immediatly after, I got the complete version of Diablo and just knocked myself out with it. Too many hours, nights, mornings, holydays, weekends... you name it. I covered the game from top to bottom, with all 3 characters over and over again. Eventually started my experience in bnet and was very disappointed with the outcome... too many hackers and cheaters. I got bored of bnet soon enough and just went back to SP. I never had the luck (or unluck some may say) to get my hands no Hellfire though.

    When Diablo II was announced, I was just delightfull and covered all the details of it. The ansiety caused by it's antecipation was overwhelming. And as soon as it was on the stores, I got my copy. I believe that where I live, I was the first one to get that, because too many people came to my house to play it and see me ravaging through Act I. From that time on I have play DII to this day, mainly on SP ou LAN. Rarely on bnet...

    Since the rumors of a Diablo III game started (a long time ago) I just get every little bit of information about and suck it to the bone, and when these rumors got deeper and more solid I just can't stop thinking about it and started to discuss some of them in this forum. I registered this year in spite of lurking for about 4 years. This as always been my main source of information on Diablo II.

    Now that Diablo III is on the forge and a near (maybe not?!) future reallity, I just expect it to bring "fresh meat" to us Diablo fans, however I hope that the dev. team keeps the same basis, namely the deep importance of the lore, the misticism, the unclear connections between Heaven, Hell and Sanctuary and that deep and intense aura that involves the lore and the plot.


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