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    Re: Sincere condolences

    Character name: Roshi
    Character level: 18
    Character class: Paladin
    Character build: Hammerdin
    Game difficulty: Normal
    Act: 2
    Corpse looted: No
    Death type: PvP

    Hello all, just had my first HC death. Had a level 18 hammerdin, then a level 12 assasin joined the game, and declared hostile to all.

    I met him at the arcane sanctuary WP , he was following me, I tried to run around him and kill him, he looked harmless, only level 12, then he killed me in 1 hit. GG to the assasin

    Good thing I did not have anything to lose, this was just my second HC char (after my level 32 barbarian - still alive), now I know why 5 people left the game when he declared hostile. Only me and 2 others remained
    Remade the character, died again at level 19, - entered a portal in the middle of the flame throwing demons near diablo. Was in alt-tab, someone was boosting, then I look back see a portal - enter

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    Re: Sincere condolences

    Re: RIP: Our Fallen Friends (Ladder Season 7 & 8)
    Character name: TurnOnYourLights
    Character level: 96
    Character class: s0rc
    Character build: light sorc
    Game difficulty: Hell
    Act: act 3 sewers
    Corpse looted: No
    Death type: pvm

    Ouch! I feel for yeah.


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    Re: Sincere condolences

    Today I lost Guardian Tomstone, a level 87 Elemental Templar, to a pker soso (Get-Good) in a Baal run. That is a fitting ending for such a wreckless fighter. He had a few scares already, when he saw his health bowl almost empty, once in the Flayer Dungeon, and a few days later in the Chaos Sanctuary. But he kept facing the dangers ahead and eventually defeated Baal, a feat none of my HC chars ever managed to accomplish before. So it is with pride and no regrets that I salute that great warrior.

    The build was really fun to play. Certainly not the most powerful around (2500 Zeal dmg, and 4000 FoH), but maybe the most versatile I ever used, with his ability to inflict both physical and elemental damage in melee, and magical damage as a caster. I just loved it.

    Regarding the reasons of his death, I believe I was getting too complacent. I haven't seen much pkers in public games, so I was not paying much attention anymore, even chatting with friends while participating in public Baalruns. I did not even noticed I had been hostiled (the sound was off...), and he was dead before I even realized something unusual was going on. That will teach me.

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    Re: Sincere condolences

    Nice RP'ing part! Don't feel too bad about it kid; the reset's just around the corner!

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    Re: Sincere condolences

    Character name: Icy_Biznatch
    Character level: 68
    Character class: Sorceress
    Character build: untwinked ES/TK/FO/FW
    Game difficulty: Hell
    Act: 2 Arcane Sanctuary
    Corpse looted: No
    Death type: PvM

    Only had a handful of near-death experiences, mostly due to teleporting into packs. It made me too cocky. I was trying to finish act II when I came upon a pack of vampire fireball dudes. I tanked about 10 fireballs, went to 1/2 life then deeds. Lost an Ist and Vamp. Gaze. Other than that, nothing irreplaceable. Time to start over, I'm thinking either MA assassin or Blizzard sorc.


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