Hi Divx. I recall the name, but not from when. Welcome back anyway.

Have a look at the Stickied "Mat/Pat/Guardian thread." That lists many of the characters: hardcore, softcore, Multiplayer, tournament characters, untwinked, single pass - any style you can think of, any character build/skill set you can think of. It'll be in the Mat/Pat/Guardian thread.
And if it isn't, post it, and give some of us crazies a challenge.
Many of us have been playing on and off for a long time, and have reached level 99 numerous times, got a Sept Sept (7 characters for all 7 classes,) run the game naked, skillless or statless, No Vitality builds, Pure Strength builds. Anything.

Most of the tournaments here are HardCore, Untwinked and Single Pass. That's not even mentioning the Item/Skill/Stat or themed restrictions also placed on the character. And still, many reach Guardianship. It's about adding as much difficulty to give a solid, but doable challenge.

The forums here have a HUGE amount of knowledge and skills within D2, and pretty much everything about the game can be found.

Edit: Just for the stats, there have been 1079 Mats/Pats posted in the Mat/Pat/Guard thread, and 296 Guardians.* That doesn't include the extras that have been posted here, but not in the Stickied compilation thread, nor does it include ones that weren't posted about. I know I've posted hardly any of mine in the Compilation thread, and not even posted a couple of mine on the forums.

*Last updated at 22-08-2012, so even more have been posted in there over the last 7-8 months.