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    Re: Bassen's Wind-Druid guide for Single Player

    Quote Originally Posted by mysticc View Post
    There are LOT of mistakes in this guide, even after all the criticisms and corrections.

    Merc - Andy's /w IAS Jewel and Repear's Toll /w Shael -> 45ias breakpoint = more attacks per second, more dps, and more procs for decrepify. Also, a Fortitude is the best armor hands down for this merc. 45ias + Fortitude is the most dps you can get on an act 2 merc. Vamp Gaze is a much inferior choice when you can shoot for 4.1 attacks per second. What does Chains of Honor give you? It's rubbish.

    Armor - Enigma. +2 skills, Teleport and the strength bonus are enough to use it all on its own... nevermind the 45% frw, life, damage reduction and magic find. The way a wind druid does damage is by teleporting into a mob, name-locking tornadoes on the central enemy, and causing the most hurricane damage possible to surrounding enemies. This is how you get the most dps. Without enigma, the wind druid is not worth making.

    Gloves - Frostburns. Since you only need 99% fcr, why use trang's or magefist? You will have the cold resist necessary already with good items, and trangs/magefist is only necessary if you're using maras.

    Amulet - A rare or crafted +2 Druid, 4+% fcr and 15-20@res amulet is all you need to reach 99fcr breakpoint. You don't need a 20% fcr amulet unless you are pvping against other casters. Even then, I think you only need 18% fcr on the amulet.

    Helmet - Rare Pelt - 5nado, 10%fhr, 30+ life and 2 sockets is the best. Even a magic 5nado with 30+ life is fine if you can get 2 sockets. Also, please don't use delirium...

    This is what I'm using this ladder season:

    Jalal's is acceptable if you do not have this pelt, but I would use my pelt over it if I had it. I would still use Shako for mfing.

    With my suggested changes, you still reach 99% fcr and 99% fhr if you have a single elemental 12fhr grand charm in your inventory.

    The rest I would keep the same - arach, hoto, sojs, sandstorm, etc.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Well I DO use delirium to very good effect. The one I use on my windy has +3 to 'nado and the chance to cast when struck mods add to safety. With only a point in Wwolf the bone fetish is a non-factor. The charges of attract are great for some quick crowd control especially for the minions of a nasty boss. You shouldn't knock something you haven't tried or thought out the possibilities on. I have a couple of guardians using it. I just figured I would add a rebuttal to this post even though is so old. I'm sure people still refer to this guide for windy's and would hate to leave it with opinionated BAD information. This is one of the better guides for a SP windy anywhere.

    First round is on me!


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    Re: Bassen's Wind-Druid guide for Single Player


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