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    Re: light javazons vs. light sorcs?

    How do you know they are ***?

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    Re: light javazons vs. light sorcs?

    Quote Originally Posted by sorcerben View Post
    nah, javazons are *** and stupid.. Lightning sorc can get up to 50 k every charged bolt !!!- with the BEST gear... maybe upto 150k. Javazons are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo weak.... there damaga is classiz is like, 2.5 k every charged bolt! 2.5k divided by 6 is 212 damage, plus the resistances....---212*0.25=53? 53 damage is sooo weak!!!! in classic light sorcs are bad too. Be a fire or cold sorc, or bowazon.
    Really? You necro a 4 1/2 year old thread to say that? Very constructive. Trolling for a reason? or just trolling for the heck of it?
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    Re: light javazons vs. light sorcs?

    lol. it was my first account so i was very ''excited''. ^^ saying random crap


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