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    Help setting up a Diablo II LAN

    Bare with me on this, as I'm sure its been asked many times before.

    Basically I'm at university, and because of them being strict on ports etc, you can only open a few at any one time, atm all of mine are going on getting Steam to work. So I want to simply LAN Diablo II through a LAN cable rather than the university network, but I'm having problems doing this. I have a cable (Belkin 5e Patch cable R7J304), and after connecting up the two computers and going through the basic 'set up a local lan' wizard, which I have done before with games, albeit a while ago the game still doesn't work. I can access files from my friends computer i.e. shared documents and so can she with my computer, and we can transfer files over the lan cable fine, but if we try to play a Diablo II multiplayer game it just doesn't connect. We are both on the latest patch, so I'm a bit stumped at the moment. Any help in regards to setting up the actual lan, the cable type, common problems with lanning Diablo II, and other general ideas/solutions would be appreciated.


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    Re: Help setting up a Diablo II LAN

    tcp/ip should work fine as long as your on the same subnet (router or dhcp server)

    make sure windows firewall isnt getting in the way, either disable it or allow ports 6112,4000


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