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    Sara's Rift-a-Sin PVM


    Hi everyone, after making many Martial art and trapper sins, Ive come to find a combo of items that allows one to have fantastic balance of melee kick some butt goodness without giving up much on damage in the trap tree. This can be played equally well on either side. The downfall normally for kicker sins is the lack of an aoe attack that actually takes enemies down. Insert Rift

    Sins are the true swiss army knives of builds, able to run everywhere in the game with ample crowd control, multiple damage sources and even summons. As a comparable build, the Rift-a-din does less physical damage and attacks slower. He does not get summons nor the crowd control a sin is capable of.
    My character requirement that Can take down the ubers and run every other spot in the game. If the char cannot solo Everything, then it's of no use to me.

    The down side, is this build is another one based on game items and if you do not have most of the ideal items you lose effectiveness.

    The info collected here is nothing new, and I cannot claim credit for anything but the time I'm taking to compile it for you.

    Here is another Rift sin oriented build, with enough difference between our approach to make it worthwhile for me to attempt another guide for it.
    The Riftkicker
    by Ava

    What makes this Rift sin different is the focus I went for on this build in eeking out the max orb damage possible, while balancing durabilty. At the same time we want max trap damage and good kicker stats too. This is a Hardcore char afterall.

    Enough jibba-jabba though , onto the meat

    1a. Common Abbrv.
    Allres - Resistance to all
    AR - Attack Rating
    ATDo X - Attacker Takes Damage of X (in integer)
    BM - Bad Manner
    BoS - Burst of Speed
    CB - Crushing Blow
    CBF - Cannot be Frozen
    CR - Cold Resistance
    CS - Critical Strike
    CTB - Chance to Block
    DEX - Dexterity
    DF - Dragon Flight
    DS - Deadly Strike
    DST - Death Sentry Trap
    DT - Dragon Talon
    EIAS - Effective Increased Attack Speed
    FBR - Faster Block Rate
    FCR - Faster Cast Rate
    FHR - Faster Hit Recovery
    FPA - Frames Per Attack
    FPS - Framer Per Second
    FR - Fire Resistance
    FRW - Faster Run/Walk
    IAS - Increased Attack Speed
    LL - Life leech (in percent)
    LR - Lightning Resistance
    LS - Lightning Sentry
    MA - Martial Arts
    MAX - Maximum Damage
    MB - Mind Blast
    MDR - Magic Damage Reduction (in integer)
    MF - Magic Find
    MIN - Minimum Damage
    ML - Mana leech (in %)
    Mods - Modifiers
    NGR - Energy
    OH - Off-hand (This claw that DOESN'T transfer effects to kicks)
    OW - Open Wounds
    PDR - Physical Damage Reduction (in percent)
    PR - Poison Resistance
    PvM - Player versus Monster
    PvP - Player versus Player
    RepL - Replenish Life
    R/W - Faster Run/Walk
    SM - Shadow Master
    SD - Shadow Disciplines
    STR - Strength
    VIT - Vitality
    WB - Weapon Block
    WoF - Wake of Fire
    WSM - Weapon Speed Modifier
    WSM - Base speed

    Faster Hit Recovery

    This is the amount of frames it will take for your character to recover from an attack.

    0% - 9 frames
    7% - 8 frames
    15% - 7 frames
    27% - 6 frames
    48% - 5 frames
    86% - 4 frames

    200% - 3 frames
    4680% - 2 frames

    I suggest heading for either 48% or 86% depending on your choice of equipment.

    What works with kicks:

    The following effects are carried by the kicking skills:
     Life Leech
     Mana Leech
     Elemental Damage
     Magical Damage
     Chance to cast X on striking/Attacking
     Crushing Blow
     Open Wounds
     Prevent Monster Heal
     Ignore Target Defense
     Hit Blinds Target
     Hit Causes Monster to Flee
     Hit Freezes target
     Hit Slows Target

    What's not going to work with kicks:

    Critical Strike , Deadly strike. Physical on wep damage including +min/Max damage

    What is Rift

    4 Socket Polearms/Scepters Runeword
    Hel + Ko + Lem + Gul
    20% Chance To Cast Level 16 Tornado On Striking
    16% Chance To Cast Level 21 Frozen Orb On Attack

    20% Bonus To Attack Rating
    Adds 160-250 Magic Damage
    Adds 60-180 Fire Damage
    +5-10 To All Stats (varies)
    +10 To Dexterity
    38% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
    75% Extra Gold From Monsters
    Level 15 Iron Maiden (40 Charges)
    Requirements -20%
    There is only 2 scepter's that this can be made in War scepter (ideal) and Caddie's. War scept is both easier to find and cheaper to repair. These have a base wsm of -10. This means we need another 30 ias to hit the quickest kick followup, Shooting for 8/3/3/3/3/3 fpa. This gives us over 5 attacks a second. While the added elemental damages are nice cake mods, the real reason we're using rift is the chance to cast Frozen orb. With the right combo of items we can actually put out as much frozen orb damage as an orb sorcy. What advantage we have over the sorc counterpart is the fact we do not suffer a casting delay. It's very common to kick out 3/4 and even the rare 5 orbs in a single attack cycle. This gives us ultimate AOE in addition to all the usual kick damages the target will also face.

    However you cut it , these are the finished char goals

    48 or 86 FHR
    75+ all res in hell. Overstack of 120% for Uber Meph
    1200 min base life before bo or sages
    50% min chance to block
    8/3/3 kicks or better.
    the ability to have at least 50% cb via stashed item for bosses and ubers.
    lifetap via dracs or wand. Critical for uber running.

    Skill Layout in simple Fashion:

    Martial Arts Tree


    Dragon Talon is chosen for it's ability to apply various mods like the chance to cast on our Rift. This attack is among the fastest in the game which means proc'ing mods is a cinch. Because it's also physical we have something to leach with.

    Full 20 points advised for Maximum phy damage , and a Hefty Ar bonus. It helps if you can get enough points for a total of 6 kicks. This requires a skill level of 30

    Dragon Tail = 1
    Dragon Claw = 1
    Tiger strike =1
    Cobra strike =1 This skill is very useful early on for supplying Mana/life leach
    Dragon Flight=1 point. A useful way to summon stack via enemy-assisted teleport. Useful for picking out boss type monsters and things like Shamans

    Trap Tree

    20 Death sentry
    Useful for it's ce and added light damage
    20 light sentry
    our main trap huge damage and another form of damage.

    20 Shockweb
    Increase light sentry damage and is more useful then charged bolt sentry. As a sin we're allowed 5 traps out. For me I choose to use 4 lightsentries, and 1 deathsentry. Picking shockweb gives us the option to at least use the synergy skill in conjuction with our regular in play traps.

    Shadow disciples

    1 in all skills except:

    Shadow Master. Put enough points in this skill to hit level 17 master with final items equipped. I ended up with 2 hard points in this skill.

    Bos is our primary aura in use on all but some specific situations where we may need the extra res from fade. Either one of these skills is good at level 1. They will be boosted to adaquate levels. Some people may want to add another point in bos if it means hitting the next ias bp.

    Once these core points are assigned any extra point should go to increasing your trap damage. The alternative is rest in venom.


    As you can guess enough for gear. As a kicker we will have more str then most other chars. This is because we need to equip hurty boots. I advocate using double up'd goblin toes, the highest str req item we *need* requires 172str

    Enough for Max block with Sanctuary Shield. Shoot for 50% block on Head hunter glory

    Everything else.

    Equipped Stuff

    First off, again this build is not cheap. I am also not going to list every wep possiblity either. Just what I feel fits the theme and are a couple of the more popular options. As always Rare items have the potential to be the best. Good luck finding those.

    Primary Wep: Rift War sceptor. I know you guys never saw this one coming..

    Primary Shield. Head Hunters Glory shield, 3 socketed with 5/5 level cold facets. We get 15% skill damage much needed for boosting Frozen orb and another -15 enemy res. This coupled with infinnty merc means -100 all enemy res. This is the only unique shield in the game that has 3 sockets to make the most with. A 4 socketed faceted monarch would also work, but you'd give up other stats the Head hunter offers us. If you wanted to sacrifice a bit of damage the only other option that jumps out at me is a Mosher's shield with 2facets

    Switch wep: Hoto : chosen to use for our trap laying and prebluffing every sin skill we have.
    Shield: Spirit monarch.

    Helmet: Only one will do, Nightwings for the added cold skill damage and +2 skills that helps both our trap and melee attacks. 15 ias jewel with ammy let us exceed the 30 ias we need for preffered ias.

    Belt: Tgods is my preffered Hardcore belt of choice on any char. Nos coil String of ears get mention.

    Gloves: Dracs. The ow and str help a ton. Oh yeah free lifetap woot

    boots: Double Up'd Goblintoes (my pick), Up'd Goreriders or Shadow dancers

    Rings: 1 Ravenfrost. We need cbf somewhere. Dex helps with block and we even get a little cold damage. Yaay

    1dwarf star for more life, mdr and firesorb. Take the sting out of fire damage

    Ammy: Rare or Mara for prebluffing venom, shadow master and bos. After that I'd look at an ias ammy like Highlords or Cateye if your bos cannot meet your 8/3/3 kicks.

    Armor: My top pick is COH. +2 skills and much needed res. Everything else it offers is nice.

    Alternatives: Many good choices here like Treachory, Lionheart, Smoke, Ga plate or even Gbane. Whatever you use ensure your hitting the char goals.

    Stashed wep's for boss killing and uber hunting : Shealed Fleshripper , Lastwish pb or Stormlash. The goal here is good speed with CB/OW
    Stashed shield: Sanctuary Troll nest

    Merc Act2.
    Whichever your preffered guy is. I use a Might merc to increase my physical portion of my kick damage.

    Holy freeze doesnt seem that handy since our sin has fantastic crowd control with COS and FO and a Shadow Master

    Wep: Infinnity is hands down by far the best option. Increases all of our elemental damages. As a bonus this wep puts out great physical damage and even has cb of its own. The only downside here is no leach and it's slow.

    Armor: treachory. Has nearly everything the merc needs. More ias, res through Fade and pdr too!

    Helm: Vampgaze. Basicaly this slot is needed for life leach. the dr% offered here is a real boon. Because it came from my zon, it has a 15% ias jewel in it.
    Tal helm, Crown of thieves and Andy's helm are also fitting.

    What about the Evil IM curse?
    Play as a trapper. With our better then avg gear we have full powered LS/DS

    Bust out our 1 point Blade fury
    Throw Gimmersheds at stuff
    Unequip boots and keep kicking. We still get the ctc's and elemental damage. Without a boot on we do so little physical damage we can kick with impunity

    Play by Numbers:

    For Level 82 Hardcore sin of mine

    Full physical damage Dragon talon + All the elemental added damage from gear/charms

    Level 21 frozen orb , by itself pulling about 270-275 damage per shard.
    +30% skill damage from Nightwing's and facets put us about 350+ shard damage
    -100 enemy res puts our effective orb damage to non cold immunes at 700 damage. WOW indeed! This is more then my partial Tal orb sorc mf'er

    still maxing shockweb for more damage but..
    Light sentry damage 4700 per trap. 5 traps available. After conviction we're looking at around 7K+ light damage per trap. Holy cow its only getting stronger.

    Shock web: currently at about 1200

    As Always, use charms to cover what your missing. Fhr, Res, Life and after those are addressed Skill gc's would be next. I feel Trap Gc's would be the most useful for this build.

    For Ubers I remove Rift and the Cold shield and use Fleshripper+ sanctuary shield.

    So thanks for reading. In conclusion I want to say this is one of the most effective do it all chars in the game. With all the fireworks going off it's also one of the flashiest. This is my 1st attempt at a guide here so feedback is welcomed.


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    Re: Sara's Rift-a-Sin PVM

    Interesting guide. Had barely even looked at 'Rift' before, but now after i read this guide it really got my attention

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    Re: Sara's Rift-a-Sin PVM

    i had wondered why you were wearing Nightwings

    nice guide

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    Re: Sara's Rift-a-Sin PVM

    I assumed knowing Sara that she meant it to be a "din" because that is all she builds...

    Loved it hon, keep up the great work

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    Re: Sara's Rift-a-Sin PVM

    Sweet guide, I didn't even realise Rift had a use.

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    Sara's Rift-a-Sin PVM

    I like the concept...sounds like a lot of fun and with the uber gear you outlined it will destroy...i'm guessing it will still work with poor-man's gear, just not as fast?

    EuHCL 'til I die...or lose my connection...

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    Re: Sara's Rift-a-Sin PVM

    Good guide, I am just putting together my PvM/Uber Assassin at the moment - (Blade Fury, DTalon) and I have had to reconfigure my controls as assassins require a key mash!
    It needed done as I was lazy with the F keys!

    Anyway this is one for the future nice work. Will try it when I get Rift sorted.

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    Re: Sara's Rift-a-Sin PVM

    MrKaxe , the truth is while Vor and Rift work to a degree without say the nightwing's and facet shield, It's really those 2 specific items that bump FO's killing power from mediocre damage to damage that rivals a sorc. We're talking a 30% skill damage bump with another -15 enemy res.

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    Re: Sara's Rift-a-Sin PVM

    Tai hun , If only you knew the amount of high level char I've got going right now , pally and non of course. You'd probably tell me I play way to much. Speaking of which It's been a longtime since we've gamed together. This Sin is on account Sara4[eF] and she's getting alot of play to date.

    Hotkeys are the bread and butter of sin play.

    mine are as followed.

    A= Dtalon
    S= open, currently using cobra strike here
    d= Dflight
    F= Death sentry
    G= G for go home , TP
    E= BOS
    Z= Cloak of Shadows
    X= Mind Bomb

    Poor gear will work just fine for the trap side, ie use some shopped +skill to trap/sin skills claws.
    Poor gear will work fine for regular boss hunting. ie Fleshripper

    Poor gear will not work well for Ubers
    Poor gear will not provide substantial frozen orb damage.
    Poor gear will result in weak summon or weaker traps if you need to add more to the master.

    +skills really adds alot to everything we do as a sin.
    with 1-2 points invested :
    I've almost a full powered master.
    I pull over 1000%ed if I want to use tiger strike and Dtail.
    Close to level 20 venom

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    Re: Sara's Rift-a-Sin PVM

    10 chars , error.

    tried doing a short vid clip. I cant seem to view it however

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