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    Re: best bow in classic?

    Quote Originally Posted by folo View Post
    On the other hand, he will spend a lot of time finding someone in need of the low-medium end BH he's gonna get with his 3 imbues (chances of getting a >150% tradeable BH in 3 tries are pretty slim as you already know). An imbued low-medium end bow could be used right away though.

    Just my 2 cents.
    True, but if you happen to have a monster imbue like Monzee got last ladder (195 ed martel iirc), you would be a bit pissed off if it were a non ias 195 ed gothicbow and not a bh

    Anyway, thats not really an issue, since he's in HC and thats quite different...

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    Re: best bow in classic?

    its probably a godly gothic or rune bow.
    rune bow=40-150damage with 30 IAS
    gothic with 35-180damage with 30 IAS.

    There arent many good bows in diablo 2 classic, so go for rares.


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