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Hey there, a very nice guide. It's actually the motivator that I needed to finally build my own hammerdin... as I usually only play Necromancers :grin:

One error in the guide, though. You mention Sandstorm Treks as your preferred boot for STR and DEX, but Treks give STR and VIT...

Usually, to hit 125% FCR with my necros, I use HoTo, max Spirit, Trang's, Arach, and one 10% FCR ring. This leaves Mara's and Shako as Amulet / helm, which is infinitely more affordable than trying to go for a crafted ammy or 2/20/2 circlets. The price difference is absolutely huge.

Unfortunately, it seems that if you decide to go with HoZ / HoTo, you will need both of the über-expensive items on the list, plus two 10% FCR rings to hit the 125% breakpoint. It might be just me, but that extra frame can make all the difference in the world when it comes to caster speed, so I can't really see HoZ as viable except to the highest echelon of rich players.

But, seeing as how I'm a Necro player at heart, any random Paladin commentary from me may not be on the mark. Thanks again for the guide!
Thanks for pointing the error out, will definately include in next update.