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    Re: Best Items to Gamble for?

    I'd say in theory, casters want to "gamble" by crafting caster amulets (jewel, ral rune, perf amythyst) (4%-10% regen mana, FCR 5%-10%, +10-20 mana) and rings (jewel, amn rune, perf amythyst) (4%-10% regen mana, +10-20 mana, +1-5 NRG) instead of gambling them at a shop like Gheed.

    Caster would also like to try to gamble-craft the caster belt (jewel, ith rune, perf amythyst, light belt/sharkskin belt/vampire fang belt) (+4%-10% regen mana, +5%-10% faster cast, +10-20 mana)

    Always tempting to gamble-craft a blood amulet (jewel, amn rune, perf ruby) (5%-10% Faster run, +1%-4% life leech, +10-20 HP).

    Blood gloves are also great to gamble-craft (jewel, nef rune, perf ruby, magical heavy gloves) (5%-10% crushing blow, 1%-3% life leech, +10-20 HP)

    When I do multiplayer I always see people leave AMN, RAL, ITH, and NEF runes on the ground tho.

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    Re: Best Items to Gamble for?

    don't forget bone helms for a chance at a sweet sweet rare


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