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    Re: Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)

    This might be handy to add, mind you, this is my personal view and I don't know if other people share it, but the people I spoke with on seem to share my view on this.

    gulls are good to keep as small currency.
    But the following seems to hold true for most realms :
    gull = silks = goldskin = perfect(MF wise) tarn = perfect(res wise) ward

    On most items you will want at least 4 mods of value.

    Mods of value on a armor are :
    fhr 17/24
    life over 50
    res over 25 of the type fire,lightning or cold
    sometimes str over 10

    Mods of value on a helm are :
    fhr 10
    life over 35
    res over 25 of the type fire,lightning or cold
    high defence on a grim type helm.

    On a belt :
    fhr 17/24
    Str from 15 to 20
    life over 50
    res over 25 of the type fire,lightning or cold

    On boots :
    frw 30+fhr 10
    res over 35 of the type fire,lightning or cold
    dex 9
    Sometimes 40 mana counts towards value. Not often though.

    Weapons :
    150+ed combined with it being a exceptional item counts as 2 good Mods
    AR over 200
    +min damage over 10
    +max damage over 15
    -req 20 or 30
    Str 9 or on blunt weapons more then 10
    any res over 25 of the type fire,lightning or cold
    +cold damage is sometimes a plus, rarely though.

    Consider any item that does not have 4 mods to be valued a PS(maybe 2) unless somebody is specifically looking for the mods you happen to have on that item. The odds of which are usually very, very low.

    Classic, where a runeword is a weapon missing the s in the middle.

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    Re: Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)

    That works very nicely. I might revise this later.

    Not a rhetorical question. Why didn't I include Hammerdin in the starting builds and Summoner whatsoever? x_x

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    Re: Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)

    "Only the most cc builds listed.

    mf barb - ww mace

    mf sorc - orb, teleport

    mf zon - lf

    mf din - hammer



    The links doesn't work :(.
    Really wanna play through with Classic only before D3 is released.
    Are these the ones included here:

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    Re: Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)

    I wanted to know which mods are available in Classic, but the link to Orphan's mod list doesn't work. :(


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