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Thread: 2008-aily

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    RL: Working.

    D2: Maybe later depending on how tired I am.

    2007: Lots of changes; house, car. Some bad times (ankle), some good times (moving).

    2008: Hope i get more settled in work. Finally finish unpacking. Get the new house into a 'flow'.

    Best wishes, guys and gals.

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    Yay, an official daily.

    RL: Played cards for two freaking years. T.T. Randomly checked time EXACTLY at 12:00 AM. Scary.

    D2: Nah.

    2007: College sucks. There was not a single day when I told myself that I would rather be in college than back in high school. Other than that, I got a new Camry SE, and finished 1st in all three of my fantasy leagues. I failed at my one and only resolution. A friend I lost some 4 years ago... It's still all wrong.

    2008: More college... Resolutions? Improve upon my currently two-year old level artistic [in]ability. Write a romance. Be nicer to the world and all those fortunate enough to live in it. Finally, for the 5th year now, I resolve to fix things with [insert random name here]. I know I won't, but whatever. I can dream.

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    RL: Get my life back in order. Finish the divorce, get custody of my son, get a good woman in my life, start a new job, etc.

    D2: help a buddy reach lvl 99 this year. He's lvl 90 right now but plays strange. It took him 18 months to get this far.

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    dranking tequila
    RL: skiing - in ~5 hours (I really should be asleep right now)
    D2: not likely

    07: tequila + professional freedom + personal happiness = good year.
    08: same thing, only different

    Resolution: learn to be a mediocre guitar player. Mediocrity would be a big improvement over my current status. :grin:

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    RL: Just woke up. Recovering from midnight. Might meet some friends later today for lunch.

    D2: No. I dont think I can take too much staring at a monitor.

    2007: Painfully uneventful year. Wake up, study, eat, play, sleep. Repeat for what feels like 365 times. Not that many holidays or vacations either since I spent them working for much needed cash.

    2008: 6 months of school left till I graduate. After that I'll take some time off from everything and just loiter around for a while. Maybe I should pick up a musical hobby.

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    2007 much like 2006 only with more money and less bills same job and house though
    2008 hopefully find a nice house after doing so i expect it to be much like 2006 with less money and bigger bills, thats the circle of life.

    todayRL: lough at my fiance as she recovers from last night while lounging around the house feeling ok.
    todayD2: continue to lvl my mage and hit LK in search of Skillers and usefull sc's.

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    RL: mom's birthday, so much people coming over, and playing D2^^

    D2: I finally got the urge to play some, so.... I suppose all i need to do is not die, my merc should be able to handle normal anyway, even while untwinked... :P

    2007: passed my exams, got back to D2 after a years break, started working, bougth my laptop, not a too bad year :P

    2008: lets hope for the best... I want to get at least one gaurdian this year, and I want finish D1... further, just get another year through my study..., and just maybe find myself a nice girlfriend....

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    RL: Relaxing, taking a day off with my gf just doing nothing.
    D2: no, but I might start again some time in 08 :smiley: Just might...

    2007: My best year yet. Found the love of my life, and was travelling a lot. Went skiing to Austria, a trip to London, 14 days in Greece, 10 days in Florida and 5 months in Oman. I hope 08 will be as travelling rich as 07.

    2008: Finishing school in exactly a year from now, then I can call myself a civil engineer.

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    My head :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by silospen View Post

    My head :(
    ROFL:laugh: Best post so far :wink3:

    RL: Been at home, making some phone calls, my parents came round for a short visit. Rest of the time D2.

    D2: Started my Ladder untwinked MF tourney Paladin and found already 2 grailers *yay* - Hsaru's Shield and Death's Sash

    2007: Had its ups and its downs - my GF split up with me after almost 7 years early that year, on the other hand I experienced some nice times with some of my friends. With another former very good friend of mine I am now on very bad terms. Uni is going well so far. Hadn't time to improve my Czech. Moved out of my parent's house and got my own flat. All in all I'd tend to say it was rather a bad year because of the GF thing...oh well, life goes on - living is not that bad after all :grin:

    2008: Will be entering my final year as a medical student in August, which means I'll be working at the hospital all day. Have to finally write an application to Prague and to Edinburgh, where I want to spend 4 months of my final year each. Have to make up my mind if I want to do another dissertation about literature after my final year as a medical student - guess if I don't do it then, I'll never again lateron do it...


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