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    Hotkey troubles

    I don't have this problem with my other chars.

    I am trying a hammerdin, and not succeeding well so far. That is, at Cllvl 21 I am still mostly using melee, since I kill much faster with charge/zeal than with hammers. HOWEVER, I am trying.
    One of the things setting me back is hotkey troubles.

    With my other chars, it's not problem. But a paladin's aura can ONLY go on the right mouse button side. So that means if I want to cast hammers with Conc on (and I want that), then hammers have to go on the left mouse button. But doing that causes me to run around like a fool, not casting hammers, until I remember to hold down the "shift" key, which annoys me greatly (especially since I play on a laptop). There is no toggle to always stand still.
    Is there a way around this? Any tips?
    thanks hugely

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    you can always get used to using shift

    i havnt played much hammardins, but im always fooling around with hotkeys. and since i got several different builds with VERY different hotkeys its sometimes difficult to remember whats what from the different builds. best way is to play the char and get used to it =)

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    I usually go with my main two attacks hotkeyed to Z & X which my hand is always close to since I'm often holding down ALT to look for items or CTRL to run.

    You could have zeal hotkeyed to Z (Z for Zeal ) & hammers to X and switch between them easy enough.

    Oh yeah, as suggested: Get used to holding down shift when spamming hammers.


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