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    Can someone tell me why any char name with "BaronVon" is rejected by the server?

    So uhhhhhh....little lost here. I was going to make a mule to hold on to some of the stuff my sorc had found, so I go to make a new char. I like to make my mules kind of relevant to what they carry (i.e-I have a barb called Gemmy-Hendrix for pgems, a necro called MyPlansAreRuned for runes, etc). So after a while I thought of some funny names and I decided on BaronVonMule...but low and behold....baronvan is rejected by the server....uh can someone elaborate on this? I'm lost.

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    Titles cannot be used in names. Baron is for killing Diablo in classic hardcore, I believe.

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    Warning: Off Topic-ish

    I recall back in school the filters on search engines would turn down a search for the word firetruck as it had f u c and k all in a sequence in that order...

    notice i didn't bypass the word filter in any way

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    As Merick said. Any titles used by the game are rejected. This includes all titles used in classic/lod and sc/hc afaik.


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