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    Re: pure Bone Necro in PVM?

    Quote Originally Posted by GUARDIAN KELEMVOR View Post
    Hi guys.
    I play a bone necro that can do hell dificuly easy. Ill give the build and gear in a sec but I can't remember the stat distribution.

    20 teeth
    20 spear
    20 spirit
    20 bone armor
    20 wall
    1 CE
    1 amp

    Use teeth in norm cuz it wrecks and spear for pvm, spirit for pvp.
    Everything here is for synergys but I left out pre-reqs. Put extra points in various curses and maybe bp. Anyway I have all stats lev 16+ and all bone stats 37+ its an amazing build I came up with in study hall lol.

    134 shako with ptopaz for mf
    DS nigma
    210 homonculus
    Trangs gloves (you could probably find better...)
    Bone runeword
    1nec skilz ammy with res and 10% fcr
    Bk ring and res/10% fcr ring
    Arachs belt
    Infernostride boots (I wasn't sure what to use for boots but it works great)
    15/18 necro torch
    Mid/high gheeds
    3 pnb gcs

    act 2 merc of your choice
    MUST have 16+ med insight (I have near infinate mana with my lev 18 insight and infinate telly)
    125 shako with ptopaz (I suggest an um rune)
    I don't have anything good for armor right now (vipermagi skin :/) but get sumthing with high res and def.

    G2g im not sure if im done this but ill come back and tweek gl guys
    Correction on the runeword it is actualy "white" not bone idk what I was thinking

    Also got 2 more pnb gcs

    Im only planning on putting 1pt in prison for pvp cuz 1ce their in it they shold b dead with 3-4spears or spirits

    Plz rate my build, you may have trouble untill higher levs and it is probably a good idea to get most if not all the gear I mentioned (gl with getting 2 sojs )

    My d2xlod bnet account is lawlessone. If any1 has any questions or would like to talk about ... stuff lol... add me.
    Im normaly on at 6-8pm (eastern time?) in usa maine

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    Re: pure Bone Necro in PVM?

    Quote Originally Posted by GUARDIAN KELEMVOR View Post
    Im only planning on putting 1pt in prison for pvp cuz 1ce their in it they shold b dead with 3-4spears or spirits
    Your bonemancer is nice but I don't know why you are putting 20 in bone armor. 1 is sufficient. I would put those other points into prison instead of BA. As a bonemancer you shouldn't be getting hit much and bone armor is quite strong with only 1 point and is easily recastable. Use your walls and prisons to control the battlefield. I love walls and prisons.

    For the poor, you don't have to have the ultimate in all gear to play a bonemancer through hell. You can buy a teleport staff in act 3 normal and use it in case you get trapped in your walls. Enigma is nice, but not required for PvM. And the White runeword is quite easy to make even in single player games.

    I use a defiance merc with insight but I know some use a rogue and still do well.

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    Re: pure Bone Necro in PVM?

    Personally, I enoy Bonemancers in PVM. They are the only class that can modify the map to create bottlenecks, reorganise and divide foes... Making them quite unique to play as. They take slightly longer to kill stuff in hell difficulty, but if you can line foes in straight line using bone walls and use the piercing potential of the bone spear, you should get a confortable killing speed... And there's always the godly corpse explosion to get rid of packs of foes... Basically, kill the loners with your bone spells and the packs with your corpse explosions.

    What's great with this guy is that he can be easyly be swapped from PVP bonemancer to PVM by simply switching your wand. The white runeword is great due to the fact you can choose the base wand you use for it... Hence you can easyly make a decent +3 Decrepify +3 Revive wand without having to waste points in both respective skill trees, which is great for having a PVP and PVM character rolled into one.

    My Lvl 85 bone necro hits about 4.5 K with his PVP gear and Bone oriented white wand as of now, but i've yet to acquire PNB skillers... So It will only increase with time. I'll be much more dangerous once I get a 2ND soj and like 6 Skillers.

    I've yet to aquire a +3 Bone Spear, +3 Decrepify, +3 Revive White wand for single player, but as of now, when wearing a Rare Wand with +2 Poison and Bone skills and Revive/Decrepify, my damage drops about 1K per cast, which is a huge downgrade in damage, but that is kinda compensated by having decrepify for bosses and being able to summon about 15 revives I can teleport everywhere with. This damage penality will be much lower once I get White with Decrep and Revives.

    I can revive Urdars and defeat uber diablo just like a summoner, while I can Tele much faster than my Summonancer due to the highly boosted cast rate of this build... He also tanks great due to the bone armor... But then again , he teles too fast to get hit anyway.

    So bascally, I have a fast to teleport , bone armored Bonemancer surrounded by a clay golem , an insight mercenary keeping my mana full and 15 revives , with good damage spells and corpse explosion to waste foes... I can revive urdars and use their crusing blow to beat uber d easyly, so the only challenge he's not best suited for is uber trist.

    He's a great mf guys for keys and such due to the armor, fast teleport and the ability to decrep, corpse explode and bone spear/spirt the bosses just fine. He's not that bad for basic mf too, although since he's more gear-depentent, you'll have to sacrifice alot of damage for mf stuff.

    I wear a Rare +2 poison and bone skill Revi

    By switching to my "Decrepify/Revive"

    For PVP ,use a bone damage-oriented white wand, while for PVM use a

    Decrepify Revive D

    They have real fast casting rate, which means they're really good at teleporting compared to my Summoner, which is much slower when it comes to spell casting.

    Personally, I put all pts into bone for a real efficient and strong spell potential, then I get a specialised PVM. The ideal is by far one with +3 Bone Spear, +3 Revives, + Decrepify.

    and with Decrepify and Revives along with as much Bone spells as i Can

    It's true that their spell damage isn't exactly godly per se against hell difficulty monsters, but with bone walls, bone armor and corpse explosion, they do great.

    Yes, the are more gear-dependent than Summonancers. Yes, they

    With proper gear, their damage per spell is more than decent. Corpse explosion speeds killing whenever a mob of monsters is

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    Re: pure Bone Necro in PVM?

    I favor Bonemancer over any sorceress because as a Bonemancer I do not have to deal with immunities and I have more survivability and better crowd control. The combination of Magic, Physical, and Fire Damage from Bone Spear and Corpse Explosion make him versatile. Decrepify for bosses and Amplify Damage for everything else are the only two curses necessary if you have the correct gear. Dim Vision is only to be used if you go untwinked, or lack the necessary lightning resists to take on Gloams.

    One important thing to note in PvM is that the damage of the Bone Spear is not as important as the radius of your Corpse Explosion. Be sure to max Corpse Explosion and focus on synergies second.

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    Re: pure Bone Necro in PVM?

    i found that you can get through most of the game solo /players 8, with simply 1 skill point in life tap. Just get an act 5 mercenary with some crushing blow and life tap everything. he can take the chaos sanctuary and the worldstone keep. only thing he can't do is physical immunes. so just dump all skill points in bonespirit and synergies. and there aren't any monsters immune to both physical and magic (as far as i know). you don't really need any equipment either. just some resistances.

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    Re: pure Bone Necro in PVM?

    I'm running a bone necro in the new ladder season. Bone spear is bit weak on the damage side but enough to get the chain-CEing going. Alot more active playing with it than with an summoner. And on the safety side, Attract and bone prison works wonders, also attract is good for getting mobs in a tight bunch for CE.

    Bosses take a while to kill... must have CB for merc or you're going to sit there spamming spear for 5minutes to kill hell baal with /p1. =)

    Thinking of going 1pt in SM/RS/SMages/Revives to see if i have enough +skill gear to use them for uber killing.

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    Re: pure Bone Necro in PVM?

    fully synergized bone spear with+5 to all skills: 1782-1894 damage (1 838 average)
    fully synergized lightning (+LM) with +5 to all skills: 18-7284 damage (3 651 average)
    fully synergized firebolt (+FM) with +5 to all skills: 5448-6077 (5 762.5 average)

    You do have CE so you really only have to get 1 corps.

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    Re: pure Bone Necro in PVM?

    Was he using The Dentist build?
    20 wall 20 teeth 1 corpse 1 armor 20 spirit 20 spear 0 prison -marrowalk posibil- 0 curses 0 summons 0 poison?
    Edit- Just realised this is a oold thread. My bad


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