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    Matriarch Mup-Pit: 1.11 Vanilla Strafeazon

    I have always loved Strafe. I have also made a lot of bad, failed characters. Really. A lot.

    When Pindle was nice enough to drop me a Windforce a couple of months ago, I decided that I might as well try to actually make one right, so I headed to the build guides. And I read the strafer ones. And promptly forgot all about them, but this time I managed to end up with a viable Pit runner anyway.

    It didn't hurt that I don't mind to twink like a mofo. This lady was sporting her Arctic Gear at level 2 thanks to a large stash of +Strength and +Dex grand charms. The cold damage was great and all, but the most fun I had the entire game was at level 28 when I started using Skystrike -- gogo Meteor goodness. Level 6 Meteor actually puts quite the hurt on the monsters in normal difficulty.

    Normal and Nightmare at /p8 were a breeze thanks to the massive twinkage. I actually played through to the Hell Inner Cloister before I remembered to switch back to /p1 (I'm rather impatient in Hell). The sizeable punch of the Windforce along with a super-tanky Valk really kept me breezing through the first 2 acts without any problem.

    Act 3 brought on her first of 2 deaths. I had been using my Decoy as a scout to draw the pack of flayers, but started to get a little lazy and a little cocky. I was jogging along at a pretty good pace when I crossed the invisible line separating the Spider Forest from the Great Marsh. And of course we all know what lives in the Great Marsh: ridiculous Gloam boss packs that are like multi-shot, cursed, extra fast, death enchanted, or something. I swapped out for a Kira's Guardian and the rest of the act went without incident. Had a couple of near misses with undead dolls but survived.

    Act 4 went much easier than expected. HF dropped me a Lem -- could be worse, I guess. The valk and I left our dead moron 2 steps inside the Chaos Sanctuary and cleared the rest very quickly. I brought Alhizeer back to the party for the fight against Big D, but even that fight was over before I knew it. I had to dodge 2 lightning hoses, but the whole fight took about 20 seconds. I would have been more excited about his drop if I didn't already have a Lenymo, but still seeing a gold Sash from Hell Diablo did make me smile.

    Act 5 was slow going. I had learned my lesson from the gloams, though, and was very careful with the Decoy as we advanced through the foothills all the way to the Glacial Trail. I love how strafe finds the doors and towers just as dangerous as the cat-people chucking spears at me.

    I feel bad because the Glacial Trail is the only time through the whole adventure that I rerolled monsters. I'll admit that I just didn't feel like dealing with the PI Frenzytaurs. After rescuing Anya, I dealt with the bugged snakes on the way to Nihlathak as penance. The bug didn't really affect me since I was easily able to stand still and Strafe away. I never actually saw Nihlathak, but I guess I killed him since I got the quest reward.

    It took me 2 tries to get past the Ancients. On the first attempt, I was done in by a single double-throw. That did not bode well for any further attempts. I got lucky on my second try, however, and was able to park whirlwind at the bottom while my Valk and I ran to the top with the leaper and the thrower. I spent the next several minutes running back and forth between columns, firing the occasional guided arrow while my Valk wandered around and poked things as she could. Once the leaper went down, I felt like I was in pretty good shape. My Valk was able to tank the thrower while I finished him off. Whirlwind died very quickly after that. Fortunately, none of them had spawned stone skin.

    I don't even remember what spawned on WSK1, but it went easily. WSK2 had Rat Men and Poison Mages. WSK3 had the fabulous combination of OK's and Frenzytaurs. It made me very glad to be playing a ranged character. The throne room had the most bizarre combination I've ever seen -- Gloams and Gloams. There was *1* Vampire about halfway to the throne and *1* Hoaradrim Ancient in the actual throne room. Everything else was a Gloam. Baal's minions went down -- surprisingly easily. During the fight with Baal I had a close call with some festering appendages, but they and their master fell like all the rest.

    Clicky for LCS goodness

    Base Stats:
    134 Str (to use WF without +Str gear)
    266 Dex
    90 Vit
    15 Energy

    Weapon -- Windforce
    Armor -- Naj's Light Plate
    Helm -- Stealskull
    Gloves -- Laying of Hands
    Boots -- War Travelers
    Belt -- Razortail
    Amulet -- Atma's Scarab
    Ring 1 -- 20dex/235AR Ravenfrost
    Ring 2 -- 100AR/1 max/17% LR/8% LL/5% ML

    Overall, I found my strafer to be just as fun as I had hoped to play. Firing a frickin' laser beam of arrows and watching crowds of monsters explode is very satisfying. I probably could have optimized the gear a little better, but what I had was working. And I'm a little lazy.

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    Yes I have a bow fetish myself so gratts on the mat

    Personally I fell in love with multishot after trying it, but strafe is so fun to play because you don't have to aim... lol lazy :azn:

    Btw did you consider making a Treachery out of that Lem? It's a superb armor for a bowyer I think. Nice resists, 45 IAS for the need for speed and a nice secondary damage as well from venom.

    Oh and nice ring ^

    edit: forgot to mention, love the name!

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    Congrats on your mat
    I'm also big fan of strafers.

    btw Personally I don't see anything bad in rerolling monsters. Sometime I also return to town and use S&E to reroll more pleasant opponents, I'm playing for fun, not for pain :wink3:.

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    If I had a wf I'd do tha same.

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    Congrats on the mat
    I'm also playing a strafer atm, currently finished act4 Hell, so a mat thread can be expected later this day :grin:

    I like your stat points distribution. However, I fear you have underestimated the AR - I guess you're hitting less than 65% by now. All your additional skill-points should go into penetrate.

    I'm particularly interested in your fight against Diablo. I found strafe totally inefficient against him. Together with my crappy FR, it was very annoying battle with (shame :embarassed: ) several deaths. I could have used MA to prevent the strafe-lock, but it would have taken even more time..

    Is guided arrow worth the investment? How does it work vs single targets compared to strafe?

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    Congratz, nice Mat!
    By the way, have you thought about usind upped Witch Wild String? It's such a fun with Amplify!:scratch:
    And your next plans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ugla
    I like your stat points distribution. However, I fear you have underestimated the AR - I guess you're hitting less than 65% by now. All your additional skill-points should go into penetrate.
    Actually I stayed in the low-mid 70s. I think I put my last 5-6 points into Penetrate (and will continue to add them), but I never had a problem hitting regular monsters, and had Guided for the bosses. Guided is also what I used to take down Diablo. My merc and Valk had him kind of blocked at the edge of his pentagram pit here so the only thing I had to do was run sideways to avoid his lightning hose. Guided also worked well for me against Stone Skin/PI uniques. I had to be patient for the ctc Amp from Atmas, but it took nice chunks of life off and kept them knocked back against a wall/my decoy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elfie
    By the way, have you thought about usind upped Witch Wild String? It's such a fun with Amplify!
    If I had ever seen a Pul rune, that might have been an option! The Atma's Scarab also has a ctc Amp, so it filled in nicely. I haven't really decided on a next character yet. Maybe I'll go back to my Blade Furysin (currently ~lvl 30 iin Act 4 normal. And using a massive eth Bonesnap :grin: )

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    Nice Mat...your damage is a bit low, but that's a combination of fairly low dex and not many fine/sharp charms. The more you level, the more ridiculous WF becomes, especially when you throw on those charms. I'm at about 3k max damage before mercenary.

    I had more trouble with Diablo, but 1 pt guided arrow was plenty for dealing with him. It looks like you relied on your ammy for PIs...20 points in MA worked like a dream for me. I also switched out Razortail for Nos Coil and used hard points in pierce. I chased down the second-best breakpoint and didn't regret it at all...I mow down p8 pits or CS with complete ease. Using Twitch, actually...I might take a shot at Treachery in the near future.

    As for facing single targets, I almost always strafe (including Baal). CtC Amplify is too good to pass up.

    Parting shot: I used an upped WWS for a long time, but it's a joke compared to a well-geared WF.


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