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    Re: yuqing's Guide to PvP Blizzard Sorceresses (Revised, 1.11).

    Quote Originally Posted by theredpredator View Post
    I have a question regarding the shields.

    I assume the damage difference between a monarch with 4 facets and a spirit would be big.

    Lets say I dont have the money to get a jewelers monarch of deflecting, and use the tower shield version with 3 facets in it. Im using this on a max dmg version of the blizz sorc. What will the damage difference be between 3 facets and a spirit?
    I already answered this, didn't I? :/

    Blizzard assumptions: Maxed blizzard & synergies. Nightwings+facet, 3 cold amulet, perfect blizz ormus+facet, pfathom+facet, 2x SoJ, Snowclash, anni, torch, 9x cold skillers.
    Spirit: 10260 damage from skills * 1.75 cold skill damage = 17995 max blizzard damage
    AToD: 9732 damage from skills * 1.90 cold skill damage = 18490 max blizzard damage
    Myself from your other thread.

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    Re: yuqing's Guide to PvP Blizzard Sorceresses (Revised, 1.11). der=0>

    this is indeed a lovely guide.
    However i have my doubts and wanted to check things with you.

    Atm i have these as my items:

    Shako, rbf 5/5
    df - 25 + 5/5 rbf
    upd viper 34 all res, no sock
    mara 23
    sanc tower shield 68 all res
    waterwalks / treks
    soj + raven
    frostburn/magefist (used frostburn cause i was orb/es, willing to switch to blizz, no ES)
    switch : cta + lidless (didnt feel like wasting so much str for spirit, just for +1 skills)

    inv 15/15 torch, 9 cold skillers (mostly plain ones, 1-2 lifers), 9 smalls 20l. I just dont have the resourses for better charms, i know that i'm at fault here.

    i have max block and about 1000 life and 2500 mana after BO (still in my FO/ES build):
    anyways, i think i'll take a no-es route this time and was wondering:

    should i go max block - which would mean either keep sanctuary or get Whitstan (um'd) ((less dex needed, but i'll have to use um's in shako and vipermagi to make up for the lost stats)) and keep current gear setup. i have an extra CoH i'm able to use, but if i get that i go below the 9 frames for casting. Besides, this build wont let me reach the 42% fhr frame, unless i shael either my shako or vipermagi.
    So basicly my thoughts on max block route - keep current build setup, add shael on vipermagi, use magefist and no ES. That would give me roughly 60 fhr and 90 fcr with a good enough damage.

    not max block route - i'll be able to throw in a spirit in the build, probably get CoH instead of the vipermagi, keep the df. probably get a nightswing instead of the shako. and here i have a dilemma on the routes i should take - either 9 frame casts and 7 frames FHR (with bloodfists and fcr ring) or try for 8 frame casts and 8 frame fhr (with magefist instead of bloodfists, some fcr ring - gotta get 35% fcr spirit in that case).

    Ofc I can always use HotO and easily reach 8 frames cast and 7 frames fhr, but considering the time and effort and resourses i wasted on getting a DF - i'd rather use the bloody shard xD

    Any opinions from pro duelers would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Best regards,
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