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    ***~~~!!!An alert for folks, in re: perm/unperm.!!!~~~***

    Ok, let me clarify this again. Its not particularly difficult, but I seem to be coming across many of you who are unable to grasp this.

    Take your dupes, and sell them to Charsi.

    Take your "might not be legit" items, and sell them to Charsi.

    Take your "I permed this myself" items, and sell them to Charsi.

    Then come back and post the gear you have left.

    If I see it "might be legit", "might not be legit", "permed", etc. You will be setting yourself up for a ban. Its bad enough that I have to sift through a half dozen threads of he said/she said crap where someone's items poofed. If you are asking for "permed", you are asking for dupes. You will be banned.

    Either have the stones to say its duped and take the ban a mod will give you, or have the sense to keep it off the site. Clear enough?

    Edit to Add: You may all consider yourself warned. If your threads contain these problematic items, you may want to start thinking about your future posts.

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