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Thread: minion duels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krim View Post
    Remember every minion have a low AI, and very bad fhr.

    I believe a SW would win this one easily. You can boost their trap damage beyond what any Assassin could get, you can still control this minion, and with mind blast, this minion will only die if it decides to use a normal attack in the first hit which is 33% chance, which makes this minion come out on top.
    #1 Shadow
    #2 Grizzly
    #3 Valk
    #4 Golem
    i rekon you could be right. the key point being you can have some measure of control over the minion during the fight, something no other minion has.

    if prebuff is allowed, before the fight i'll take a Warrior out somewhere in later act1 (the Pit?) with one mouse button set to ShockWeb, the other to Death Sentry and let the warrior spam each off 50 or so times, giving her a humongous synergy to her lit traps. for the fight, shockweb and alternate between mindblast & lit-sentry. of course, for this to work, you can't let the warrior die or re-cast it. warriors also come with Weapon Block. ask any fire-sorc.

    grizzly's have truly appalling FHR. i find them useful to practice tri-whirls against with mah ww-sin.

    actually, next time i encounter a TG druid, i might just try this, even with only the base point + skills boost's, it could be interesting if i can buff the warriors traps enough. the way synergies work with the warrior* skill's is really advantageous if you take the time to pre-buff properly. just don't let it die.

    * & the shadow master for that matter, but we have no control over WHAT that ***** gets up to beyond putting a second point in Mind Blast and hopeing for the best.

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    so much theory so far...
    well i'm sugesting that we all agree about making game and test it in real game
    i can come with my shadow master (unfortunately my druid summoner is non-ladder)

    we must agree about time of game and rules
    i sugest no prebuffs, merc or other benefitial auras (i.e. my assa is wearing lw)

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    naked character's maybe? no items that give bonus so just natural points spent in your chosen minion and its syns? id love to make the valk (even tho i have now seen the massive choice of syns) and i feel that this would call for making a pure minion character


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