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    Quote Originally Posted by kykle View Post
    at what pt does a char desynch? i think charge is 13m/s, can you desynch lower?
    Base charge speed is 9 yards/sec.

    You start desynching with some reliability around 120 or 130 FRW, which is roughly 8.5 yards/sec.

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    just to make sure, people have been telling me that frw starts with 150%FRW is this true? or does it start with, like peterpaulrubens ssaid, 120-130%FRW?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crawlingdeadman View Post
    i was told that there's not one specific point at which desync occurs. it depends heavily on all three computers involved (you, opponent, and server) and their respective connections.
    what he said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barcelona View Post
    just to make sure, people have been telling me that frw starts with 150%FRW is this true? or does it start with, like peterpaulrubens ssaid, 120-130%FRW?
    just aim for as much as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punkonjunk View Post
    just aim for as much as possible.
    w/o losing too much effectiveness.

    personally I usually shoot for around 150frw on my zons(150 is i believe equivalent non-skillfrw to charge + vigor, someone know for sure?)and it usually works fine, especially with titans on switch. you'll desynch a fair amount, and it's good for town.

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    Re: faster run walk breakpoint

    SSoG's post is linked in the Statistic Forum Link Collection, so I'll respond to it rather than start a new thread.

    Base walk speed is actually 6 yards per second (minimum movement speed is consequently 1.5 yards per second), while base run speed is actually 9 yards per second. Tommi Gustaffson mistakenly multiplied 6 tile units per second and 9 tile units per second by 2/3, believing that this referred to adjacent tile units like radius measurements (each tile unit is 2/3 by 2/3 yard square). However, movement speed is measured in tile units corner to corner.


    Consult the Clarification of movement speed topic in the Amazon Basin's Technical Discussion forum for details. Basically, all yards/s values should be multiplied by 1.5 (3/2)... with one important exception:

    Quote Originally Posted by SSoG View Post
    Speed while charging:

    ChargeSpeed = BaseRunSpeed * (1 + Skill_FRW / 100 + Armor_Speed / 100) * 150%

    where the terms are as above. By substituting BaseRunSpeed and multiplying it by 150%, we get:

    ChargeSpeed = 9 yards/s * (1 + Skill_FRW / 100 + Armor_Speed / 100)

    There is no lower limit to ChargeSpeed. It can be even negative.

    All formulas courtesy of Tommi Gustafsson.
    Base charge speed is 22.5 yards per second, not 9 or even 13.5 (9*1.5), because the correct formula is as follows:

    Charge speed = (Base run speed * 100+max(Speed, -50) /100) + Base run speed*1.5

    Speed is the sum of all relevant movement speed modifiers (excluding item Faster Run/Walk). At some point there may have been no floor on Charge speed, but that is no longer the case. Consult the AB Diablo II wiki's Charge page for more details.

    Anyone with a Paladin with Charge can easily confirm this: the top corners of the screen are ~21 yards away, and a Paladin with no speed modifiers can charge there in just less than a second (whereas it would take ~2 1/3 seconds if base Charge speed were 9 yards/s).
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