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    Re: Amazing Mf Meteorb Sorc Build

    Quote Originally Posted by MouseEats View Post
    If a mob doesnt have fire or cold res.. whats main attack? orb or meteor? whats better/faster? I'd assume meteor, but orb has bigger range + slow... thoughts?
    Depends what you're shooting, and how many of it you're shooting. Those little flayer bastards? Orb. Big packs of witches? Meteor. Goatmen? Fireball.

    Meteor is for stuff you can generally count on to stay in one place. That's bosses and ranged attackers. Orb is for area attacking lots of little bastards / spread out enemies. Fireball is for killing tight little groups of mans. Immunities permitting, obviously.

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    Re: Amazing Mf Meteorb Sorc Build

    The way I play it is that everything that isn't CI gets orbed.

    Not always the best strategy but it works just fine.


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