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    >>>>> Price Lists And Item Guides - updated on June 16th 2011 <<<<<

    Info for mods: Feel free to edit this posting if it needs an update, I'm too lazy to do that for anything but Europe

    ESCL Season 8 Price Guide! by ZackAddy - the previous one (ladder 5) is here.

    USEAST NL SC Pricing Guide by Fwing.

    USWEST L SC Season 5 Pricing Guide by scoobs.

    Europe Ladder 9 Guide by Leetus - the previous one (ladder 8) is here.

    LLD Priceguide EuScL Season 5 by TheBigClown.

    Rings and Amulets - What to keep and what to throw away by mysticc

    v1.11 Item Guide by space_loner

    BoBo's Socketable Guide! by bobofuzzlymunky

    What makes a rare/magic item valuable by Thomas Johnsen

    Which assassin claws are worth keeping ? answer provided by Inda

    LLD 29/30 Items by TheBigClown

    Auctioning Advice:
    High level auction advice - Keeping it fair for all By fahartle
    If you have a list which you think it's worth to be added here, find the approval of a few forum members and convince a mod to add the link

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