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    Which to Go with for Pure PvP trapper?

    Should I go with treks or shadow dancers? how much str would I need for shadow dancers and is it worth the xtra investment? Also how much fcr is good to have and can anyone point me to a table that lists the hidden %dr in fade compared to the lvl. Thanks!

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    Dancers over treks IMO, classic rares over dancers. Dancers require 167 strength, with is reachable with base or close to base strength on a well built assassin.

    102 FCR is a good FCR break to have. 65 is acceptable but low for dual claw, W/S must have 102 and can have 174. 174 is often overkill unless you are extremely aggressive.

    1 level of Fade = 1% DR.

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    if this is a pure pvp trapper i would suggest using treks for c/c and shadowdancer for w/s altho classic rares would be the best option in both cases.


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