How the system works

When a trade is complete with the buyer/Seller, go to your thread and copy the URL, it will be something like ( Click the trade rank link on the left next to the username in the trade post and you will be taken to their forums trader page.

  • Click the Feedback for Username Link
  • Select if you were the buyer or seller
  • Select the 'Overall trading' experience (Positive, Neutral, Negative)
  • Add a short comment
  • Paste in the URL of the thread where the trade originated (should be in your clipboard if you copied it)
  • Add additional comments if you wish.
  • Hit Submit

Your feedback has now been left in that user's profile.

The User you concluded the deal with will then be sent a PM saying you have provided feedback and they can reciprocate and leave you feedback.

That's it!

  • Note this is not tied to your account, this is for forum traders only to help identify good and bad traders.
  • It is up to the users to add the feedback once the deal is concluded, there is no moderator involvement. If you have a problem send a PM to the moderator of the buying or selling forum.