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    Aug 2006

    [L] Godly LWZ FT:!

    Hola muchachos here's a short FT list

    388%ed/69%CB Last Wish (made in a+8%ed zerker)

    940 defense 4os eth glitched great hauberk
    999 defense 40s eth glitched great hauberk
    1024 defense 3os eth glitched great hauberk
    528 Defense 13%ed dusk shroud

    998 max damage obedience ethereal thresher.
    1055 max damage Doom eth CA (369%ed 1% away from perfect ed%)

    12/17 dtorch (cheap)

    And tons of junk jewels and perfect gems. Holler at a playah.


    High runes (particularly ists, ums and puls)
    ethereal non sup osockt elite pally shields w/40+res
    ethereal non sup 0socket elite armors
    High runes
    Tal rashas armor
    Head Hunters glory (3 socket only)
    dual-ist or clean ali-baba
    plain fire and cold skillers
    5/5 fire facets
    ptopazed shako
    organ sets
    t/h/d keys (bulk plz)

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    Sep 2006
    i want to point out that the max ed on last wish is 375 without ed, if yours is 388 and you used an 8%ed base zerker, plz explain how 8% ads 13%ed?

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    Aug 2006
    my bad, I was under the impression that LW rw was 380% as max! guess its in a 13%ed zerker then?


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