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    Question Question on FBR


    Does FBR or namely, reaching FBR BP's, matter at all on a CONC barb.


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    I'd say, generally, FBR is only an issue when you're going to be blocking fairly often, and chances are if you're going for a decent chance to block (like at least 50%) then you've already got a shield with decent chance to block and some increased block speed. 20%FBR is the 5-frame breakpoint, and any shield worth blocking with already has at least that much.

    A Conc Barb is somewhat of a different animal since your naturally high defense will theoretically negate most attacks before your chance to block is even checked. But even though your defense may keep you from getting hit while in block recovery, what would be the point in blocking a lot just to have to wait longer to recover and continue attacking than if you were to be sent into hit recovery (which is also around 4 or 5 frames for most Barbs)?

    So to paraphrase:
    If you have 50-75% chance to block and at least 20%FBR, you should be all set.
    If you have very low chance to block and no FBR, you should be all set (don't bother getting any).
    If you have 50-75% chance to block and little or no FBR, consider hitting the 20% BP if possible.

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    Concentrate is an uninterruptable attack so you won't go into recovery nor block animation if you get hit. Therefore, FBR isn't necessary during the attack.

    Of course, it will matter if you get hit between attacks, which should not happen much if you have a fast weapon. If you find yourself blocking a lot, then go with PhatTrumpet's advice.


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