I downloaded a file earlier this evening, apparently an .mpeg format. However, the file will not open with either Media Player or any other such program (VideoInspector, DivX, etc). Further, on right-clicking the file, the only options that come up are the play/queue/add to now playing list/open with..., rather than the delete/copy functions and so on. Dragging into the recycle bin fails to do anything, and on trying to select it with MoveOnBoot, it says "File not found. Please verify correct file name was given", even though it's clearly being selected from a browser screen.

All this leads me to believe that it's some kind of virus/trojan (although I cannot seem to find any information on it) - does anyone else have any ideas on how I can get rid of the file? (AVG/SpyBot don't seem to pick anything up)...

Cheers in advance,