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    Stat pts for chargadin

    since there are like no paladin guides for chargadins on the forum - I need your help once again.

    In order for a chargadin that gets 1 hit KOs (well maybe not against those druids with oak sage on lvl 40 hehe), what STR and DEX are recommended? I know to dump the rest into VIT so yea - also gear recommendations.

    Weapon: I'll make an Obedience since I can afford it
    Armor: Light? Heavy? Med???
    Helm: No idea - don't really need leech for chargadin right?
    Gloves: Blood gloves?
    Boots: Blood boots?
    Belt: Blood belt?

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    There are many charge hybrids, but pure chargers die too much to be really that viable. Since you don't seem to have HRs coming out of your ears like some do :P I say lionhart or duress as an armor. Get a bunch of DS and OW on your equipment to maximize damage


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