Hey guys i must be a noob to all of u, so im going to ask a few questions that were already asked dozens of times already lol,so if u can maybe lend me some help it would be great. Im on my ninth pally and i wanted to make a fun pally to play and gamble with. I made all the hybrids and classic styles of pallys already but i have never even seen or heard of a Glass Cannon (Charger w/o shield) lol sounds fun to make This guy is not for PvM and lol of couse not all PvP lol just for sh&% and giggles....lol...just for fun ... I need help with gear.... of course no res lol and no shield so i will die in any hell duel if i get hit even once lol...so heres what i got..any input at all would be great and please tell me if i should change any of my gear and why please. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and please take the time also to press that little button and write a reply on how stupid my char will be ...lol...or how i can change anything

lvl 85 Ladder Chager (The Glass Cannon)

Helm: Guillaumes Face or Shako I was going for GFace
Armor: Fort upgr
Wpn: BOTD T-Maul
Ammy:Highlords or Mara's or Angelic I was going with High Lords
Rings: Raven and Angelic or soji,BK,some kind of combo...lol
Belt: Dungo or Arach i was going with Dungo's
Boots: Goores

and of course anni,torch and a buch of gcs...

Any input on changer? price shouldent be a problem, just looking to build a fun charger to mess with i would like to make this a one hit wonder... lol... Please help

Thx Guys