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    farming high runes and MF

    I havent played since the beginning of 1.10 and the pit used to be the place to go. You could also do countess runs and get high runes occasionally. Neither of these seem to be working out that well anymore in 1.11. Could someone tell me where a good spot to farm runes would be? I am sick of getting things under dol from the countess.

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    "You don't find high runes; they find you." I've been playing for 5+ years now with nothing to show but a lone Vex rune. Apparently they haven't found me yet.

    Hell Countess' special rune drop only goes up to Ist, so beyond that (up to Lo) she's only got about as good a chance of dropping a high(er) rune as a regular monster does.

    There's really no "good" way of find high runes... you just have to run high lvl areas and hope for the best (Hell Cows, Pits, Diablo runs, Baal runs, etc.). I've heard Hephasto and The Council (Travincial) have pretty decent chances of dropping high runes, but I've never found one myself from either.

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    Best way to get high runes: MF and trade what you find for runes you need.


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