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    MF Hammerdin Gear

    So I've decided to shift my Hammerdin towards more of an MF character.
    Here are the items I've planned for the MFing, please give suggestions how i can improve these decisions. Thanks!

    Helm: Harlequin Crest PTopazed (74 MF)
    Armor: Dusk Shroud Enigma (1-99 MF)
    Weapon 1: Wizardspike Isted (30 MF)
    Weapon 2: Call to Arms
    Shield 1: Herald of Zakarum
    Shield 2: Spirit Monarch Shield
    Gloves: Chance Guards (40 MF)
    Boots: War Traveler (50 MF)
    Belt: Arachnid Mesh
    Amulet: Rose Branded Amulet of Luck (+3 Combat 33 MF)
    Ring 1: Nagelring (30 MF)
    Ring 2: Nagelring (30 MF)
    (I also have an Annihilus, Pally Torch, and Gheeds. Should I get some 7% MFSC?)

    Act 2 Nightmare Defensive Desert Guard Mercenary: Holy Freeze Aura
    Helm: Bone Visage Dream
    Armor: Archon Plate Fortitude
    Weapon: Insight Cryptic Axe

    Should I socket HoZ with anything? Any better changes I can make?

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    With your primary setup (Wiz+HoZ), you only have 70 FCR, which is 5 short of the crucial 75 FCR breakpoint. Either dump the Chancies for a pair of Magefists, or one of the Nagelrings for a FCR ring.

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    You might find this helpful GL!

    Welcome to the forum
    Here's the Forum Rules :rolleyes:
    Here's the Guide Thread

    Here's another link. The Arreat Summit

    Up on top there is a very handy search tool.
    Type in what you're looking for and most likely you find a lot of threads on the subject.

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    Make the spirit shield in a pala shield. Much lower strength requirement, that way you can wear all that without putting anything in strength.


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