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Thread: Riddle

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    Here is a little riddle which I posed as a giveaway contest to the US East trade forum. They have been having a little trouble, so I thought I might post it here as well to see if anyone can figure it out. If you do figure it out, and would not like the items, please pm me your solution so that other people may solve it themselves.

    "One day, Baal and Mephisto were discussing which of the two should rule over all the humans. Mephisto thought it was his turn, so he tried to hit Baal with a Skull Missile. Baal was almost hit, but teleported away just in time and cast a Mana Rift on Mephisto. Somehow, Mephisto dodged the spell from Baal, but his name bar above his head was not so lucky and the Mana rift cut off the last three letters from his name.

    All of a sudden, Izual, lurking in the corner, bounded to his feet and declared himself Supreme Ruler. Baal and Mephi laughed hysterically and turned on the upstart young fellow and tried to attack him. Unfortunately, Izual just laughed in their faces and proclaimed that he was three times as powerful as the sum of Baal and Mephi. Baal, desperately seeking an edge, cast his Vile Effigy clone in a last ditch attempt to contain Izual, but Izual again cried out that he was still twice as powerful as his (now three) foes. Izual banished the Lords of Hate and Destruction, and now rules supreme over the worldstone.

    The question is, how did Izual know that he was omnipotent?"

    First hint: Mathematics are involved.
    Second hint: Simple math only.
    Third hint: It is the same type of riddle as the previous one.

    Item List:
    325/-54 ETH CA Infinity
    PCombat 23 life
    3x Ohm
    2x Ist
    Full IK Set - 40mf/40cb
    Ist - Legit
    2x Um
    +3/296/2os Heavens Light
    Many other items too numerous to list, like 20life charms, Ravenfrosts, resist/life charms.

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    Don't attempt this without first reading the thread in the USEast trading forum. We have already had several cases of insanity and suicide resulting from this problem. We don't need more victims.

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    Yeah your thread history seems to point out a number of confusing posts on this matter.

    Well just starting with the basics:

    Izual = 3*(Baal+Mephi) = 3*Baal + 3*Mephi
    Izual = 2*(2*Baal+Mephi) = 4*Baal + 2*Mephi

    Therefore, Baal = Mephi = Izual/6

    Now, what that has to do with anything, I have no clue.

    One thing that confused me about these riddles though - omnipotence implies unlimited power, Izual shouldn't be relatable to baal or mephisto with a finite integer, unless you're talking about some alternative math form where infinity itself is defined. But the OP says we're confining ourselves to simple math. Care to explain?

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    There's an easy way to solve this :

    3*(mephi + baal) = izual
    2*(mephi + 2*baal) = izual

    so :

    3*mephi + 3*baal = 2*mephi + 4*baal
    <=> mephi = baal (mephi is as strong as baal :rolleyes: ).

    so izual = 6*meph = 6*baal

    Then, all Izual's declarations are true.

    However, I suspect this is not the right answer, even if it works. Because the "sto" out of Mephisto would have nothing to do here :grin:...

    EDIT : Damn, anonymite, you got me by speed :laugh: !

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    <Insert Lame Joke Here>
    oh my god....diablo trivia lmao...

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    math has nothing to do with it!..

    Izua has a sword !

    That is the source of his power. Meph and baal.. no swords.. no power

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    Using the Bible Code I have found the words Supreme Ruler Izual in 1 Corinthians. Obviously Izzy being a fallen angel reads the bible and figured this out. Once he did he knew he was golden.

    From what I can tell, I'm as close as anybody right now.

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    It has something to do with assigning numbers to the letters.


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    oh, and izual<baal+mephisto, obviously...

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    Simple they were weakened from fighting each other, that is if they didnt get the answer correctly, if none of our answers are correct or near it the riddle makes no sence.


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