hi im Jelly, My account on Useast softcore ladder is Just_Jelly I am going to tell you my idea for a great foh paladin.

First this paladin is going to be using griswalds set, this set gives some nice all out bonuses for this type of a build.

First of all in the complete griswalds set you get 12 sockets to put whatever you want in. For this foh build i recommend putting all light facets in the armor/helm/weapon- maximum 45%light/-45% resist, i recommend putting all ums in the shield so you can get around 100+ resists in the shield, torch, anni, and anyas, +maras for the ammy should get you to max resists for stacked.

also, in this "BM" build i also recommend using hotspurs for fire sorcs, and tgods for light characters, for rings use 2x stones of jordan or 2x ravens, for gloves probably bloodfists for fhr or frostburns for extra mana- you will be charging and fohing alot so you need alot of mana,

another thing i would like to talk about is max block, this is very good for a paladin and very easy to get for this build, you get some +dex as part of the set bonuses in griswalds, and holy shield plus the +20% increased chance of blocking on griswalds shield helps you get this with ease, tank bowzons get them in chargelock and foh them like no tommorrow with max block! you also get the +65% faster block rate on griz shield!

for skills you want to max FOH, HOLY SHOCK, HOLY SHIELD, AND CONVICTION, i recommend putting one point into salvation and putting the rest into smite or charge.

Well this is all i have to say about this build, have fun making it, people may call you cheap but just say to them "lol its just a game" the only problems you have with this build are probably druids, or if people can stack light res enough, but it will be tougher because all of those light facets ^.^,

o yea for charms if you can get pcombats or just get small resists or life charms, have fun making this build, leave me feedback on how you think this build is!

o yea i also forgot to talk about stats, put as much into str to use gear, enough into dex for max block- which you probably wont need too, and put all into vita, and for energy keep it base, also griswalds isnt bad for smiting if they have stacked you since the weapon has 60% ias.

o yea! you could also get an act 3 glitch merc and charge around and foh, youd be the biggest bm around LOL