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    Very best MF sorc gear...

    Howdy all,

    I just started playing on ladder for the first time about a week ago, made myself a quick meteorb mf sorc and right now she's wearing full tal's and can solo the majority of hell with no problems. Now that I've found some decent items and have some trading potential I was wondering what you guys think the best mf gear for a cold/fire mf sorc would be. From the top down:

    ring 1
    ring 2
    anything else (charms, etc)

    Thanks for any help,

    P.S. I wasn't entirely sure where to post this thread, initially I was going to post it in sorc forum but it seems to be more geared towards skills and build strategies than items. Hopefully I don't upset too many people by posting in community, apologies in advance.

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    shako for helm, tals ammy belt and armor , gull/alibaba or oculus or spirit for weapon. soj and nagel or rare resistring for rings. go for resists on rare boots/gloves with mf. Rhyme shield. Gheeds gc. You can socket the armor and shako with Ptopazes if you want more mf, or ums to help your resists.
    Dont bother going over 300% MF, its usually not worth it (exceptions exist)

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    300% mf is a very nice number, above 400% is usually an overkill,because you start to sacrifice survavability/killing speed without getting significantly better odds for drops.

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    Bassevelde, Belgium
    helm :110% Artisan's Tiara of Luck (35%) Socketed with three Ist Runes (75%)
    ammy: Fortuitous Amulet of Luck (50%)
    armor: 148% Skullder's Ire (1.25-123% + 25% Ist Runes)
    weapon: 180% 6 Socketed Weapon with 6 Ist Runes
    shield: 4 Socket Shield with 4 Ist Runes
    gloves: 40% Chance Guards
    ring 1: 40% Magic Fortuitous Rings of Fortune
    belt: 30% Goldwrap
    ring 2: 40% Magic Fortuitous Rings of Fortune
    boots: 50% War Traveler

    anything else (charms, etc)
    1x 40%mf gheeds
    37x 7mf sc

    the more mf the better

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    IncGamers Member kingdryland's Avatar
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    Make the char a barb,drop the shield and add a second 6xist sword...Class of sword is irrelevant since you won't be killing anything anyway haha. A sorc can probably kill with this setup, but it seems to me that if she completes all three anya quests she'll be having a wooping -70 to all resists in hell and zero fcr...

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    Buffalo, NY
    Here is the MF gear I use. Note that it does not reduce my killing speed since my MF weap/shield is on switch. My combat weapons are Death's Fathom + Spirit Monarch.

    helm = Harlequin Crest + PTopaz = 74%
    ammy = +3 Cold skills
    armor = Enigma Archon Plate = 84% (I am level 84)
    weapon = 2x Ist Ali Baba = 144%
    shield = Rhyme Troll Nest = 20%
    gloves = Frostburn
    ring 1 = Nagel 28%
    belt = Upped Goldwrap 30%
    ring 2 = Magic ring 25%
    boots = Silkweave
    anything else = 1 5% and 2 6% MF Small Charms, Gheed's 37%

    Althought, my MF is pretty decent when using my combat gear. I do not keep extra items for MF in my stash, like an amulet or Chancies, since I keep that space open for stuff I end up finding.

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    Heres me (lvl91 meteorber):
    tal helm ptopazed 24%
    tal amu
    tal armor ptopaz 112%
    Tal belt 15%
    2x 30% nagels
    WT's 47%
    up-ed chancies 40%
    Gheeds 40%
    5x 7% sc's
    gc 10%

    Jewel'd baba on switch 101%
    50% on my merc

    If I switch & let my merc get the kill thats ~600% (with 65% partial set bonus), & with the full tals I have no problem killing up to act3 hell, & can do baal in a private game (if Im carefull!)

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    IncGamers Member gorash's Avatar
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    Victoria BC
    tal armor
    tal ammy
    tal belt
    6 ist sword
    4 ist monarch
    perf chancies
    50% travs
    2x 30nagels
    40% gheeds
    ptopaz shako
    eth tomb reaver on merc

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    One thing I don't like about Tal's set is that you only get 50% FCR, unless you use Spirit or Magefists. Dedicating both rings to FCR will allow you to reach the 63% breakpoint.

    Harlequin with PTopaz, Tal's armor with PTopaz, Tal's ammy, 15% Tal's belt, 40% War Traveler and 30% Chance Guards will get you to 336% or so MF. Add a 30% Gheed's and you're at 366%. Oculus? 416%. I think that's enough. FCR rings with resists will help more than those stupid Nagelrings everyone seems to love so much.

    Put Gull and Rhyme on switch and you're done.

    My NL MF sorc uses Harlequin with Topaz, Skullder's with Topaz, Wizardspike, Moser's with 2 Diamonds, SOJ, 39% MF ring, Tal's ammy and belt, Chance Guards and War Traveler. She has 75% resists in Hell and max block. I was contemplating remaking her when Ladder ends, adding a Torch and an Anni, and using Stormshield instead of Moser's. Now I'm wondering about using the set-up I recommended above, but the resists might be low. Of course, I'll have to find another Tal's armor first, since mine expired.

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    Eckington, Sheffield, England
    ive hit the 63% FCR barrier - and i have around 350% MF, but havent found anything any good tonight, or this week

    is this enough MF?

    and, what is Rhyme? what you need and what runes, os it a shield?



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